Water for the Body, Wine for the Soul / Movia

When the talk turns to Slovenian wine, most connoisseurs will think of Movia. The magnificent Veliko Rdeče (The Great Red) and Veliko Belo (The Great White); the simple and sincere – but so perfect in her simplicity and sincerity – Rebula; Lunar crowned by the powerful magic of the moon; Puro, which, in its primordial essence, is the purest sparkling wine, especially suitable in warm moments. Then there is the pleasantly fresh Gredič which, even if he had to deny the Tokai name, remains true to itself; the exceptionally harmonious Modri Pinot (Pinot Noir) and all the rest of the wealth of Movia wines, harvesting success around the world. Indeed many, particularly in the USA, first heard of Slovenia because of Movia wine.

Movia is a story of tradition and innovation, a story of respect and daring. Above all it is a story. Movia has charmed all who visit the estate and hear the story, giving into the passionate flow of words with which Aleš Kristančič tells the story of the winery and the wine. Today Kristančič is the key carrier of the trademark, its ambassador and creator, who, with his wife Vesna’s selfless support, is seducing the whole world.

The Movia estate and its vineyards have been located in the noble landscape of Goriška brda since 1700. In 1820, it came into the possession of the Kristančič family through marriage. It comprises 22 hectares of land, half of which falls in Collio, on the Italian side of Brda. Tradition and the age of the vineyards, which the Kristančič family has been lovingly cultivating throughout the years, is the added value that gives the wines that “something special” that couldn’t be replaced by anything else. Namely, the wine is born in a winery that derives good substance from good vines and that draws from the earth all the necessary minerals to round out its flavour. The wines only ripen in the cellar and in the Movia cellar they are very comfortable.

Movia wines are created with passion and that is why they have such passionate flavours, flavours that awaken the spirit and in which dreams are born. A passionate love of wine and the desire to make the best wine possible. This is what drew Aleš Kristančič to introduce new techniques, to combine the fruit of known traditions with contemporary methods. Together they give birth to completely new, fresh approaches that create pure new tastes and an ever purer and more natural wine.

Lunar, for example, is bottled magic. A wine that, in its journey from the grape to the bottle, is practically not touched by human hands. The winemaker magically leaves the process of creating the wine to nature alone and amiably allows the Moon to gradually complete the process. The result is a miraculous wine that carries within it the spirit of the grape and is not ashamed to be itself, to lure us with its unique bouquet and taste.

Puro, Movia’s sparkling wine, also has its own story. Its purity has written a new chapter in the book of sparkling wines and already has many imitators.

Movia is not only wine; it is also people. Aleš and Vesna in their passion and warmth are lovers of all fine things and gather wonderful people around them. They host many more and less known guests. Occasionally, crowned heads and presidential power have been included among them. The Movia estate was also the headquarters of the first Slow Food movement in Slovenia, Aleš having been the first leader of the Slow Food movement in Slovenia since 1996. Movia, on occasion, hosts dinners for small organized groups.

Movia wines are captivating because they embody all the passion and dedication, heart and sincerity of the people who make them. They are great because great people create them. And these people are the guarantee of the future. As long as Movia remains in the Kristančič family, there will be enough magic, passion and sincerity in the wine for all of us to enjoy.

©Andreja Lajh for the magazine Salon Slovenija

Photos: Archive Movia.

Vesna and Aleš Kristančič (Photo by: Vladimir Miloradovic)

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