Caves, sea and the magic of Zidarich wines

Collection of wines at Zidarich estate

My grandmother (nonna) is from Trieste/Trst, so when a friend of mine suggested me to organise a Carpe Diem Day at the winemaker Zidarich, I was fond of the idea to organize something also near to the place where my roots came from. I have contacted Benjamin Zidarich by email and explained him my wish but he didn’t respond. He has told to my friend that he wants to meet me to decide. Somehow I liked it.

So on Monday I went to Prepotto/Praprot, the small village near to Aurisina/Nabrežina, Duino/Devin, Santa Croce/Križ, where Benjamin Zidarich lives in the middle of the vineyards. While waiting for him I was impressed by the view. From the large terrace there is the most beautiful view at the vineyards bellow and the entire gulf of Trieste in front of your eyes. If the weather is nice you can see even till Venice!

Benjamin Zidarich surprised me with the intensity of his eyes: He was looking all the time of our conversation deeply into my eyes like if he would be trying to feel the soul of the person he was talking to. Person of a strong instinct who prefers the eye contact much more then any written word. His enthusiasm woke up and we started to make plans. In that moment I’ve understood that we will create a great event. One of the best ever.

Our guests will be able to get to know the surroundings, the local products, the famous Zidarich wine cellar which was built 5 floors deep in the ground, taste his great wines and enjoy a nice dinner at his terrace with that wonderful view. Reserve the 21. of August for this unique experience!

But who is Benjamin Zidarich?

Zidarich's Vitovska photographed at our garden in Santa Croce

He took over his fathers vineyards in 1988. His father had a garden and small vineyard (0,5 hectare) where he produced small quantity of wine which he sold to local trattorias. Benjamin had other plans. He is really passionate winemaker so he decided to do things seriously and to dedicate himself to the production of the best autochtone wines. From 1988 till 1993 he was creating the womb for his wines. He was buying the grounds and preparing the right base for the winemaking. His neighbour Edi Kante, who did something similar already before him, helped him with advices. 8 hectares of ground were created where now he produces around 20.000 of bottles per year. He knows that principal things happen in the vineyard so he takes care of it with all his passion. No chemicals are used in his vineyards – that’s one of his most important principles – the harvest is done all by hands, grapes are macerated and then put into the barrels from slavonian or french oak. Also in the wine cellar everything proceeds with a lot of love and care.

The wine cellar is creation of Benjamin Zidarich and the architect Paolo Meng, who are both in love with Karst and nature. They were creating an ambient which is sensitive to nature and its expressions and human hands only give it another possibility to show itself. The wine cellar is created in 5 floors under the ground, which takes us 20 meters deep in the caves which sometimes show rocks with the presence of the terra rossa and sometimes hard karst stone. The emotion which the ambient evokes is extremely strong.

For all who understand Kabbalah and the meaning of numbers – 3, 7 and 9 were  the numbers which were chosen to add even more magic to this place. So the opening of this magical wine cellar took place on the 3rd of July 2009.

And what about wines? Typical is his decision to cultivate practically only autochtone grapes. His grapes are healthy and of excellent quality. 80% of his wines are white wines, characterized with long macerations, no filtration, no stabilisation and practically no usage of sulphites (he uses the smallest possible quantity of them only for the bottles).

His white wines are autochtone Vitovska and Malvasia and the couve Prulke (which contains also a special Sauvignon from Karst), his red wines are instead the autochtone Teran and the couve Ruje.

Here I will stop. The wines must be tasted, the ambient lived, … so I kindly invite you to join us on the 21st of August at the italian Karst to enjoy this great wines, the wonderful view, the magic of the wine cellar and the company of the great Benjamin Zidarich.

The wonderful view from the Zidarich estate

More about the Zidarich wines:

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