Design ice-cream

Design is not always tangible, nor is it restricted to product features. Icedea design ice-cream concepts produces unique ice-cream identities and food designs. They consider flavour, taste, appearance, texture, colour, decoration  and serving. Furthermore they also design packaging or graphic if needs be. Ice cream Designer Prima Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhya had wan Fabrica scholarship and has been working in the Design department of Fabrica for several years and in a communication research center of Benetton in Italy before setting up her own company Icedea.

Here is an hilight of what you can expect: Japanese Collection: Matcha Green Tea with Red Bean Ice cream * Japanese Barley Tea Ice cream * Azuki (Red Bean) with Mochi Ice cream * Dorayaki ice cream

Indian collection* Masala Tea ice cream * Plain Lassi sorbet * Mango Lassi ice cream * Spice chocolate ice cream.

Some events which Icedea has catered for include Sisley Facial Cosmetic Launch Event – Color Blind Ice cream – Jerlot  Coffee  Space – Red Box Event “designer’s party” and much more…

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