Beauty and Life in Shapes

Romi Bukovec, CLOSED, ring, silver, 2010, foto Iva Renčelj

Romi Bukovec creates jewellery in her own workshop in Medvode. Self-taught, she has obtained the knowledge necessary for her unique works from the masters of different professions, especially goldsmiths. What is characteristic of her work is the use of different materials and techniques, traditional as well as completely self-created and experimental. The jewelry of Romi Bukovec makes up different collections which differ in terms of design, expression, and the use of carefully and finely treated materials (metals, wood, artificial materials, stone etc).

Romi Bukovec, BIRD, brooch, aluminium, 1997

The forms tend to be simple and clean. She plays with the limits imposed by the conditions of wearing jewellery, with assumption about where jewellery should be worn, she trespasses the prejudices concerning the beautiful and the ugly, warmth and coldness, softness and hardness. Her jewellery is a tool of expression, a medium and a designed object created to be worn; it is a detail on human body, a sign and an indicator, but first of all it is a means of research, challenge and pleasure. Jewellery constantly seeks a balance between the personality and the body on the one hand and the environment on the other.

Romi Bukovec, Red, bracelet, wood, silver, 2000

Quoting the words of Janez Bogataj from his book titled Handicraft of Slovenia (1999), “the jewellery crafted by Romi Bukovec surpasses the classical concepts of adorning the body as well as traditional materials; instead of decorating or enhancing parts of the body which are considered suitable for wearing jewellery (the head, neck, hands and fingers), her creations incorporate various materials and they adorn the body as a whole. Her jewellery is intended to help people make contact with the external world.” She has presented her work at several group and solo exhibitions and fashion events.

Romi Bukovec, RED, silver, wood, 2002, foto Branko Čeak

Who is Romi Bukovec and how do you express your personality in your work?

I am a designer of contemporary jewellery. A person who respect Beauty and Life in all shapes and manifestations. Purity and Simplicity of forms, which are in constant search for a play of light and balance, are my strongest guidelines.

What’s inspiring you the most?

Feelings and communication, which have biggest impact on my inspiration, are brought to me by everyday life, simple objects with their unique stories. Jewellery is my mean to express myself and response of my inner world to the world that surrounds me.

What is your prefered piece of jewellery and why?

Every single piece of jewellery contains a special part of me and my development and it has its own story and background. When a single piece is sent out of my world, it opens for new stories and emotions. Just like when the new life is born. I know how to say goodbye to my creations and I can not really say which I could put on my top shelf.

What’s your biggest dream and your goal?

I would like to stay faithful to myself, opened for new challenges and lectures that life offers to me, to continue with constant development and live quality and fulfilling life.

Romi Bukovec, Fly fly away, ring, silver, 2009, arhiv rb

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