Fauchon, blending food and art

At place de la Madeleine stands one of the city’s most popular sights — not the church, but Fauchon, a hyper-upscale mega-delicatessen that thrives within a city famous for its finicky eaters. It’s divided into three divisions that include an épicerie (for jams, crackers, pastas, and exotic canned goods), a pâtissier (for breads, pastries, and chocolates), and a traiteur (for cheeses, terrines, pâtés, caviar, and fruits).

Originally a street vendor, then a wine merchant, Auguste Fauchon created the company that bears his name in 1886.

Fauchon takes haute cuisine to a whole new level, effortlessly blending art and food. Not only are your taste buds in for a treat, but desserts for example are specially created for your viewing pleasure.

From this hyper-luxe foodie haven, comes these gorgeous éclairs coated with, not your typical glazed-over chocolate, but some even feature the Mona Lisa. Once you get past her infamous glaze, these chocolate and almond cream éclairs are rich, creamy, and indulgent, satisfying like a French pastry should. If that doesn’t make you smile, check out any of the wide-range of Fauchon desserts, which are stylish objects of art in their own right.

Read more: http://www.lespritsudmagazine.com/2010/01/fauchon-haute-couture-gastronomy.html


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