Ferran Adria’s Beer

It’s always exciting to see how a chef expands his creative repertoire and that’s exactly what the molecular gastronomy master, Ferran Adrià, has done.

The famous El Bulli chef has launched also the Inedit beer. Brewed for the 100 year-old brewery Estrella Damm in Barcelona, Adrià  spent two years perfecting the recipe that evolved over some 400 versions.

“The idea was to make a beer to drink with food, from a wineglass,” Adrià told the New York Times.

Inedit is actually a combination of two beers, a lager and a German-style weissbier with flavors of coriander, orange peel and licorice. The two beers are fermented separately and then combined in a 750ml wine bottle where they undergo a secondary fermentation. It is recommended that the beer be chilled in a wine cooler and served in white wine glasses which are supposed to be filled only half full so that the nuances of the brew can be appreciated.

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4 Responses to “Ferran Adria’s Beer”
  1. G-LO says:

    This beer sounds amazing! Will it be available in the US?



  2. I think it already is and should cost around $25 for 0,75 l bottle

    One more article about it:


  3. G-LO says:

    Excellent! Thanks for the information. I’ll try to track it down and report back if I find it.



  4. Great! Share then your experience with us!

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