The Story of Movia – by Aleš Kristančič

Movia is a story of tradition and innovation, a story of respect and daring. Above all it is a story. Movia has charmed all who visit the estate and hear the story, giving into the passionate flow of words with which Aleš Kristančič tells the story of the winery and the wine. Today Kristančič is the key carrier of the trademark, its ambassador and creator, who, with his wife Vesna’s selfless support, is seducing the whole world.

If you haven’t visit yet their estate enjoy at least this video and catch a glimpse of what you get if you are fortunate enough to visit them in real.

click for the video the link bellow

Watch the video on VimeoAleš Kristančič – Movia from Movia on Vimeo.

Aleš Kristančič guided visit to Movia vineyards, winery and cellar in Goriška brda, Slovenija


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