Choco & Wine

Beef with Choco & Wine


Giuseppe Trisciuzzi has recently come up with an original idea: a spreadable cream made with chocolate and wine.  He discussed the idea with Franco Rizzati, a young and enthusiastic artisan of chocolate. Franco accepted the challenge and started experimenting.

Some of the best producers of wines provided samples of their best red wines in order to find the prefect combination. After numerous attempts, the final balance was found: dark chocolate from Trinidad and Venezuela at 80% of purity and red wine in equal parts.


With their wines participate:

Tommaso Bianchi with Amarone Classico* d.o.c. – Az. Agr. Dall’Abaco Fedrigoni
Giuseppe Gorelli with Brunello di Montalcino* d.o.c.g. – Az. Agr. Le Potazzine
Gian Luigi Lenzi with Chianti Classico Riserva* d.o.c.g. – Az. Agr. Fattoria di Petroio
Franco Zanovello with Sassonero* Merlot Colli Euganei d.o.c. – Az. Agr. Ca’Lustra
Paolo Valle with Refosco dal peduncolo rosso* d.o.c  C.O.F. – Cantina Gigi Valle
Gianpaolo Paglia with Morellino di Scansano* d.o.c. – Az. Agr. PoggioArgentiera
Carlo Vallone with Margia* Negramaro igt salento – Az. Agr. Santi Dimitri
Francesco Lombardo with Nobile di Montepulciano* d.o.c.g. Az. Agr. Lombardo

More about Choco & Wine:

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