Thank you, Benjamin Zidarich and all others

Benjamin Zidarich (on the left) welcoming us in his wine cellar with a glass of Vitovska

There are moments and people who which will remain in my heart forever. This day and Benjamin Zidarich are between those.

It was a wonderful sunny day when we arrived to Repen and a nice group of people gathered to enjoy a day at Karst. The old carsic house in Repen is beautifully capturing moments of history which became even more alive with the stories by Vesna Guštin who welcomed us with the heavenly “fancli z dušo/fritole con l’anima” which she prepared just before we arrived.

Fancli z dušo - Fritole con l'anima

Since we all felt in love with this dish, here is the original Vesna’s recipe (thank you Vesna!):


Dough: 1 kg of flour, 2 eggs, 3 dkg of yeast, 1 glass of oil, 1 glass of white wine, a shot of grappa, a bit of salt, a bit of lukewarm water,

+ 10 dkg anchovy fillets, oil for frying.

From the ingridients listed above  prepare a dough and let it rise. Cut the anchovy fillets into halves. When dough is rised, make small portions with a spoon. Put a piece of the anchovy fillet into each spoon of dough and cover it with dough. Fry it in the hot oil. Enjoy together with Vitovska by Zidarich.

A glass of Zidarich Vitovska 2007 which was served as welcome was a perfect combination.

Zidarich - Vitovska 2007

After the old carsic house we arrived to Praprot/Prepotto where Benjamin Zidarich welcomed us with his warm smile. It was like seeing again an old friend. This man of a great soul and heart is an exquisite person, a jewel. Somebody who touches with his humbleness and warmth. He took us also into his vineyard to show us the places where the grapes are cultivated with all the passion and love and the greatest respect for nature.

Vitovska (grape with typical little black dot) in the Zidarich vineyard

The wines mature in a special place. The Zidarich wine cellar was built for 8 years 20 meters deep into the carsic ground using only autochtone materials and respecting the natural conditions of the territory. The result is a place which feels like sacred place. A place which impresses everybody with its natural greatness and a special energy. (Does it have to do also with the fact that the wine cellar was opened on 07/03 2009 so even numbers added some extra magic to the place?). Wines must mature great in such an ambient and care!

A small part of the great Zidarich wine cellar

The visits were followed by a wonderful dinner on the terrace with a stunning view with the vineyards bellow and the Adriatic sea in the front.

The stunning view from the Zidarich terrace

Of course – the day would be nothing without or our dear guests who created great atmosphere. Thank you to all of you who were with us and special thanks to the great Benjamin (thank you for your hospitality and for all the soul and heart you put into your wines and everything else you touch!), his lovely family (specially his sweet daughter Martina who was helping to serve the guests) and his team, big thanks to Vesna Guštin (thank you for all your passion and care for the Karst and for fancli which were so tasty!) and to all of you who were with us or will join us at some of the next events.

And yes, we will return with a big pleasure also to Benjamin. I can’t wait!

At the first occasion please taste also you his wonderful wines and let yourself spoil with the wonderful flavours of Karst –  the salt from the sea, the strong minerals of terra rossa and freshness of burja/bora!

A glass of wine on the Zidarich terrace

The next event will take place at Goriška brda and Edi Simčič winery on 11th of September 2010:

All photos by Laura Lajh Prijatelj

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