Wari restaurant in Berlin to offer human meat?

This picture is only symbolic

Filme, new Berlin restaurant which should open its doors in the first days of September, has stunned potential customers by advertising for body parts and suggesting that human flesh will feature on its menu.

“Donors wanted! Become a member today!” reads an announcement on the website of Filme, a new eatery supposedly set to open in Berlin, reports Der Spiegel.

The range of gourmet dishes on its menu is inspired by the eating habits of the WariWaricaca – an Amazonian tribe infamous for its cannibalism.

It has asked potential donors to submit a form detailing their health and exercise habits, before adding: “After the medical check, you can decide which body part you want to donate!”

The location and full details of Filme, which is also advertising for an “open-minded surgeon,” have not been revealed and many Germans think the ad is either a sick hoax or a publicity stunt.

“I’m working on the assumption that this is some sort of a warped joke,” News.com.au quoted Michael Braun of Berlin’s Christian Democrat party as telling the Bild daily newspaper.

The claims of cannibalism seem a transparent marketing ploy ahead of the restaurant’s opening at the beginning of September. In a conversation with SPIEGEL ONLINE, a restaurant spokesman insisted unconvincingly that the project was not a hoax.

I really hope it’s only a bad joke.

Filme Restaurante

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One Response to “Wari restaurant in Berlin to offer human meat?”
  1. Luckily Flime was only a campaign against eating of meat:

    Anyway, cannibalism exists and http://soylenteverde.com/ is probably not the only case of it.

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