Pavé – the first and only liqueur distilled with diamonds

Pavé is the first and only liqueur distilled with diamonds enabling filtration to 1.0 microns – conventional filters, on the other hand, only filter within a range between 30.0 and 15.0 microns. This fine, high-grade diamond dust makes this possible, removing even the most minute particles and impurities from the distillate. The sophisticated process gives Pavé its exquisite softness, exceptional clarity and clean, fresh finish – a liqueur of perfect purity and smoothness.

The mix is a 60% proof fruit liqueur that is made from a blend of organic citrus, tropical & passion fruits. There’s also a hint caffeine & delicate herbal notes. The drink can be enjoyed  on its own or with your mixer of choice.

According to the manufacturer’s site, the creation process of the liqueur is quite elaborate & involves secret family techniques that have been passed on through the generations. This of course means that some wealthy family in Amsterdam (with old money), have had a family tradition of distilling alcohol with diamonds for many years now. I find it a little hard to believe, but either way this luxurious liqueur is worth a try.

The 750ml bottle is “fused” with  metal & Swarovski crystals, adding a luxury touch to this rather elite alcohol. Pavé seems to be most commonly present at music-related launches at the hippest events and parties.

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