Wari restaurant: Cannibalism is not forbidden in Germany!

Yesterday we posted informations about the opening of the Wari cannibalistic restaurant Filme  which which should be opened in Berlin. (Read the post here.) I was deeply hoping that all this is only a bad joke/guerilla marketing, but after looking at the video bellow it seems less and lass a joke (video in brasilian portughese with english subtitles):

Even more shocking is the fact which explains Radio Fritz from Berlin: Cannibalism in Germany is not forbidden!

(bellow is a radio program in german)

There are also already video comments on Youtube where people give support to this restaurant and confess their curiosity to taste human flesh. Where is this world going to?

One Response to “Wari restaurant: Cannibalism is not forbidden in Germany!”
  1. Luckily Flime was only a campaign against eating of meat:

    Anyway, cannibalism exists and http://soylenteverde.com/ is probably not the only case of it.
    And the bad thing is that in most of the countries it is not forbidden by law!

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