Aleks Simčič and the Edi Simčič wines

As our next event will take us to visit the Edi Simčič winery where we will be able to taste their great wines, let’s see how does the wine world see the Edi Simčič wines and Aleks Simčič, Edi’s son who is now in charge of the winery:

With a disarming humility, the son of Edi Simčič is quickly becoming a force in European wine. Simčič – already considered one of Slovenia’s best – is now being mentioned with the greatest of his generation – Tua Rita, Miani, Pierre Boisson. Renowned critic Stephen Tanzer recently praised his Duet Riserva as one of the most impressive in its class; and his decadent reds, says Master Sommelier Laura Williamson, are “near impossible to distinguish from Right-Bank Bordeaux”. However, they’re uniquely Simčič, expressing themselves with “pomegranate liqueur, pine oil, cigar wrapper, and dusty gravel.”

As for his famous whites, they are stunning examples of Colli Orientali’s trademark rich, oily texture, with a weighty mouthful of exotic, vibrant honey tones. His village, Goriška Brda, was part of Italy until 1946 and if the estate was located just meters to the west, he’d have been famous a decade ago. “But famous isn’t the point,” shrugs Aleks. “Just make the best wine possible.” And that, friends, is exactly what he has done.

From: Friuli & Slovenia

Another view on the Edi Simčič winery:

Join us on 11th of September and enjoy those great wines with us. Read more about our event and see how register here.

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