Bernhardt Design in the spotlight in London

Vika chair by Monica Förster

In September, in one of London’s most iconic homes, Bernhardt Design will unveil an installation of works as impressive as the house in which it will be set. For two days only, works by Monica Förster, Jaime Hayón, Suzanne Trocmé and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence will be on view in the never before seen Levy House designed by Walter Gropius in 1936 – the only home he designed in London before leaving the country a year later.

The iconic Bauhaus setting is the perfect backdrop for the London premiere of the American furniture company which is renowned for producing exquisite furniture designed by the world’s leading, as well as up-and-coming, design talents. The new Vika chair by Monica Förster will be the centrepiece of the exhibition as it is unveiled in this spectacular atmosphere.

Jerry Helling, President of Bernhardt Design, says, “Thanks to Suzanne Trocmé, we have been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to premiere Bernhardt Design in the UK in a unique home designed, as our products, to stand the test of time. The intrinsic elements of the Bauhaus movement – functionality, clean lines, style without ornamentation or artistic pretension – reflect the essence of Bernhardt Design”.

Also on show in the Chelsea home will be the new Bardot sofa and chair by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón which is inspired by the feminine silhouette. The absence of angles and lines allow the exterior and interior to gently merge together to create a continuous form that allows the fabric to conform to its shape similar to the way a dress fits a body.

Bardot sofa and chair by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón

An exhibition of accumulated works by Suzanne Trocmé for Bernhardt Design will enhance a large outdoor space adjacent to the spectacular garden. Pieces on display in the retrospective will include the Echelon table, Egalité bench, a pair of Allée chairs (awarded Interior Design Best Design in 2009), League sofa and the new Sempre chair.  As Bernhardt Design’s most prolific designer, Trocmé’s work can be seen in projects for some of the world’s most recognisable hotels, restaurants and public spaces.

Further, masterfully executed wooden chairs by Parisian designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, the designer behind London’s Sketch and the famed Senderens in Paris, will be on view throughout the home. The Corvo chairs unfold like the plot of a classic novel creating an evolutionary experience for the user with the discovery of each angle, facet and curve, illuminating the idea that craft and the human hand are the hallmarks of modernity in the twenty-first century.

Source: Camron PR

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