Working with nature – Edi Simčič winery

The winemaking started at the Simčič family already long ago. It’s a story of many generations and a passion deeply woven in their genes. There are things which you can’t learn but are already given you when you are born. Feeling for the nature is one of them.

“Nature speaks to those who are able to hear it” is the motto of the Edi Simčič winery.

“On the way of nature to the wine cellar are our work and care a support to the vine to cry out the best what it has to offer to the grape. The wine cellar is after that only the place where our wines rest to achieve that nobility which indicates our style.

After our wine leaves the darkness of the wine cellar, it unveils itself on the table with the name and an unusual image. It offers itself in the same way as it develops – with soul and flavour: happy, playful, for a moment serious but all the time lightly easygoing. The real nobility is never superior.”  explains it Aleks Simčič, Edi’s son, who is now the main force in the winery.

The Simčič vineyards extend themselves on 10 ha on different locations, different heights and positions in Brda. This variety in microclimate and ground gives to the wine something special.

The Simčič family is strieving to create wines that express the territory of Brda. Minerality, structure, lenght and elegance are the words to best describe their wines.

All Simčič wines mature in barrels – white wines for 11 months, red wines for 24 – 36 months. The decision for the barrels is natural decision because of the quality and structure of the grapes. The Simčič grapes needs a place to breath and develop in a natural way.

The wine lovers say that Simčič wine are very distinct in style. The continuous striving to create the best possible wines is the motivator which helps that Simčič wine remain elegant and fresh with aging, even if the wines are  structured and mature.

Happy wine lovers are the best indicator of greatness of their wines and Edi Simčič winery is proud to be listed on the winelists of the best restaurants worldwide beside the best wine makers. Between others they are on the wine lists in those countries: Slovenia (also at Zemono, Hiša Franko, JB, …), Italy (also at Le Calandre, La Pergola), Denmark, Poland, Croatia (also at Plavi podrum), Serbia, …

They have won also many important prices, this year again 2 silver medals on Decanter (Triton Lex 2006 and Duet Lex 2005).

Get to know their wines you too and enjoy.

If you’re near next weekend, join us also at our event dedicated to their region and their wines:

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