Mussels and milk of the black mozzarella – by Rosanna Marziale

Rosanna Marziale was born and lives in Caserta. Already since her young age she was very passionate about her father’s cuisine (her father was restaurant owner since 50’s) and in 1998 she became chef of the family restaurant Le Colonne in her home city.

Her cuisine is deeply local, with inspirations from Campania, but at the same time always open to experiments and fresh ideas. Because of this she also accepted partnership with the restaurant chain “Fratelli La Bufala” for which she developed some recipes for the winter 2009 menu which were offered on all 91 locations  of the restaurant chain worldwide.

Rosanna Marziale’s sensitive approach doesn’t satisfy itself with the tradition but moves to new interpretations of the local products of Campania.

She always loved to learn and to let herself inspire by the world that surrounds her. Between her teachers were also Martin Berasategui and Gianfranco Vissani. Also after her international experiences and journeys outside of her territory the main aim of Rosanna remains to make the products of her region more known and appreciated so she dedicates a lot of her attention in the transformation of the bufala products into something less common.

Illustration by Guendalina Ravazzoni


Ingredients for 1 person

80 g of fresh pasta ‘al nero di seppia’

100 g of mussels

100 g of mozzarella milk

2 g of the cuttlefish tint

10 g of shallot  flavored oil

20 g of extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper


Cut the pasta into the form of tagliatelle, clean the mussels and wash them well, put the shallot  flavored oil into a pan and let the mussels open. Let them cool. In the meantime put mozzarella on a plate and let it melt in the microwave to get the milk. Filtrate milk with a fine strainer to get a pure liquid. Take the mussels out of the shells and keep the liquid which went out during the cooking. Put now in a pan on a middle fire all the ingredients –  mussels without shells, mozzarella milk, cuttlefish ink and the liquid from mussels. Heat it and whip all together. After everything is whipped let it flow twice through a strainer to get a homogene sauce. Keep it warm in the pan where you intend to finish the pasta.

Cook tagliatelle in a big quantity of salted water for about 2 minutes (it depends on pasta), let them drain and put them in the pan with the sauce. Bound it together and serve hot.

(sotto la foto del piatto anche la ricetta originale in italiano)


Ingredienti per n. 1 pers.

80 g. pasta fresca al nero di seppia

100 g. Cozze

100 g. latte di mozzarella

2 g. nero di seppia

10 g. olio aromatizzato allo scalogno

20 g. olio extra vergine

Sale e Pepe


tagliare la pasta a forma di tagliatelle,pulite le cozze e lavatele accuratamente, in una padella fate andare l’olio aromatizzato allo scalogno e fate aprire le cozze, nel frattempo si raffreddano posizionate le mozzarelle in un piatto e fatele sciogliere a microonde in modo da ottenere il latte. Filtrate il latte con un passino stretto in modo da avere un liquido senza impurità . Sgusciatevi le cozze conservando il liquido fuori uscito durante la cottura. In un pentolino a fiamma media  mettete le cozze sgusciate, il latte di mozzarella, il nero di seppia ed il liquido delle cozze, fate riscaldare e frullate il tutto. Dopo aver frullato passate per 2 volte con un passino, in modo da avere un liquido omogeneo e tenete in caldo in una padella grande dove salterete la pasta

Fate cuocere le tagliatelle in abbondante acqua salata in ebollizione  per 2 minuti, scolate  e versate nella padella con la salsa, saltate per un minuto e servite il piatto ben caldo.

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