Cook it raw 2010 in Lapland

Cook It Raw is a very special culinary event. It is the brainchild of Academy member Alessandro Porcelli, and is run in conjunction with Andrea Petrini and Carla Capaldo.

Chef Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana, Italy) with chef Petter Nilsson (La Gazzetta, Paris) and Andrea Petrini

Taking chefs away from the pressures of a kitchen and the day to day running of a restaurant, gathered with their peers from around the world, in an area of abundant natural ingredients and you have the basis for an interesting week.

Round table with all the chefs and John Lanchester as moderator

The first event took place in 2009 in Copenhagen (Denmark), the second one in 2010 in Collio (Italy) and the third is happening now in Lapland (Finland).

Trout inside..

What is going on now in Lapland? Cook it raw team describes it like that:

How do you capture nature, seizing it whilst preserving its’ mysteries? This morning, we assisted the chefs as they picked cranberries, sorrel leaves, camomile tips, blueberries, tansy, birch bark, wild mushrooms, and more…

Chefs René Redzepi (Noma) and Daniel Patterson (Coi) foraging in Lapland (by Alexandra Forbes)

Each chef seemed to be collecting his thoughts in silence, each one with his own position in order to get a better smell of the aromas, some eating the herbs in a compulsive way, like Frederik Anderson, others, like Pascal Barbot, takg the time to explain to Alberto Adria the beneficial effects of tansy, which we could compare to Sechouan pepper for its’ anaesthetic virtues. René Redzepi created an immense treasure hunt where the small green mousse tasting subtly of mushroom became a priceless jewel.

Redzepi/Bosi/Nilsson dish under preparation...

This morning, at dawn, took place the net fishing, where a few volunteers had a graceful moment on the lakeside at sunrise, assisting Frederik Anderson, Petter Nilsson and Inaki Aizpitarte (yes, all on deck at 6 a.m.). The two partners, in striped hats, Petter and Inaki, decided to smoke their fish using wood shavings that they prepared on site. Real team work.

La Rosa (Quique Dacosta)

The fresh fish eggs, of a bright orange, crunched under the tooth, I was told. Petter thought they tasted of fruit, Inali of chicken eggs… For a visual effect, and to go with the texture, I can quite easily picture them next to some orange and chunky polar raspberries, that I came across here for the first time…

Concentration of Lapland....

After this stimulating immersion into nature, a pot of soup awaited us : a broth composed with dill, fish stomach (octopus texture) and liver (great taste) and potatoes. An authentic and convivial lunch.

ALBERT ADRIÀ (previously at Ferran Adria’s El Bulli, Roses, Spain)
INAKI AIZPITARTE (Le Chateaubriand, Paris – World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards N°11)
FREDRIK ANDERSSON (Mistral, Stockholm – 1 Michelin *).
ALEX ATALA (D.OM., Saô Paolo, Brazil – World’s 5O Best Restaurants Awards N°18)
PASCAL BARBOT (L’Astrance, Paris – World’s 50 Best Restaurants N°16)
CLAUDE BOSI (Hibiscus, London – World’s 50 Best Restaurants N°49)
MASSIMO BOTTURA (La Francescana, Modena –World’s 5O Best Restaurants N°6)
DAVE CHANG (Momofuku, New York – World’s 50 Best Restaurants N°26)
QUIQUE DACOSTA (Quique Dacosta, Denia, Spain – World’s 100 Best Restaurants N° 70)
YOSHIHIRO NARISAWA (Les Créations de Narisawa, Tokyo – World’s 50 Best Restaurants N° 24)
MAGNUS NILSSON (Faviken, Sweden)
PETTER NILSSON (La Gazzetta, Paris – World’s 100 Best Restaurants N°80)
DANIEL PATTERSON (Coï, San Francisco – 2 ** Michelin)
RENÉ REDZEPI (Noma, Copenhagen – World’s 50 Best N°1)
DAVIDE SCABIN (Combal.0, Turin – World’s 5O Best N° 35)
HANS VALIMAKI (Chez Dominique, Helsinki – World’s 50 Best N°23)

Chefs helping each other...

Maybe nature has things to learn from cooking too…

Get some glimpse of “behind the scenes” from the last meeting in Collio (Italy) in January 2010

First meetingpoint before going to La Subida in Collio was Venice:

Collio 2010:

The climax of Cook It Raw in Collio, Italy, was a dinner created by the chefs. 13 dishes of such creativity and innovation that it left many of the world’s most experienced and travelled food critics speechless.

Preparations for the gala dinner:

How did the gala dinner menu look like?

Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy
‘we should never stop planting’
Venison, seeds, nuts, sprouts, truffle, topinambour

D.O.M Restaurant, Sao Paulo, Brazil
‘moscardini e priprioca’
Baby squid, priprioca sauce

El Poblet, Dénia, Spain
‘ostras y tartare de algas’
Oyster, seaweed

Le Chateaubriand, Paris, France
‘soupe crue paysanne en ‘chabrot’’
Greens, lardo di Colonnata, bread, Radikon Ribolla Gialla 2000, local herbs from Il Giardino Commestibile

La Gazzetta, Paris, France
‘where the wild boar are’
Topinambour, salsify, black truffle

Les Creations de Narisawa, Tokyo, Japan
‘evolve with the forest’
Venison, fruit, honey, nuts, chestnut, vinegar, tree shoots and buds

Coï, San Francisco, USA
‘imagining collio from california’
Sheep’s milk ricotta, hay gelatine, beetroot, radish, local herbs from Il Giardino Commestibile

L’Astrance, Paris, France
‘des moments de joie’
Spiny artichoke, Pomelo, Rosa di Gorizia radicchio, walnut, garlic, Parmesan

Momofuku, New York, USA
‘40 north, 120 west’
Rosa di Gorizia radicchio, turnip, kimchi, chestnut, chilli pepper, prosciutto

Hibiscus, London, UK
‘brass monkey’
Pig’s blood, pig’s liver, clams, potato, herbs from Il Giardino Commestibile

Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark
‘the jensen’s hard winter of 1941’
Pickled root vegetables, rose, elder flower, sprouts and shoots

Formerly of El Bulli, Rosas, Spain
‘rosa di mele con suo cuore Gelato’

Combal.Zero, Torino, Italy
‘dinamico di bue e gallina’
Beef broth, egg yolk, truffle, beef glaze

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