Creamy risotto with red peppers, parsley sauce and anchovies – by Giovanni Grasso and Igor Macchia

At San Maurizio Canavese, not far away from the Torino airport, you can find La Credenza, a pearl which is different from all others in the region and which was awarded with a Michelin star.

In the kitchen are Giovanni Grasso and Igor Macchia, Giovanni’s wife instead is the one who takes care of the guests. The place is composed of the main hall and a place closed with glass and  transformed in a fresh and relaxing garden, perfect for aperitifs and buffet.

Giovanni and Igor dedicate a lot of attention to the ingredients. Their cuisine offers a great list of innovative dishes which always respect also traditions, the ingredients of the season, handmade pasta, the local fish and meat. Together with dishes they offer also a very rich wine list of some of the best italian and foreign wines. Their wine list is available on iPad.

For Carpe Diem Club they have chosen to be presented through this recipe (ricetta originale in italiano si trova sotto):

Creamy risotto with red peppers, parsley sauce and anchovies

ingredients for the preparation of risotto:
4  red peppers
240 gr. of carnaroli rice
1/2 of the fine cut onion
500 gr. of chicken soup
white wine
Extra virgin olive oil
Parmigiano Reggiano
Anchovies filets

Pass one pepper through the juicer and then make it boil. Put salt and pepper on the remaining red peppers, out them to to the oven and cook them at 170°C. Let them cool, clean them and make a puree. Save the puree to make risotto creamy.

Prepare a classic risotto by using the juice of the red pepper and the chicken soup,  at the end thick it by adding the peppers puree and decorate it with the parsley sauce which is thicken with xantana (at 1%) and decorate the dish with pieces of the anchovies filets.

Risotto mantecato ai peperoni rossi, salsa al prezzemolo ed acciughe sott’olio

Ingredienti per la preparazione del risotto:
4 nr. peperoni rossi
240 gr. riso carnaroli
1\2 nr. Cipolla tritata
500 gr. brodo di pollo
Vino bianco
Olio extravergine di oliva
Parmigiano grattugiato
Acciughe sott’olio
Procedimento per la preparazione del risotto:
Passare un peperone alla centrifuga e portare il succo ottenuto a bollore. Cuocere i restanti peperoni salati e pepati in forno a 170°C, raffreddarli, pulirli e frullarli, conservando la polpa ottenuta per mantecare il risotto. Preparare un risotto classico utilizzando il brodo di peperone e quello di pollo per portare a cottura, mantecare a fine cottura aggiungendo il passato di peperoni, decorare con la salsa al prezzemolo legata con xantana all’1% ed i filetti di acciuga tagliati a rombi.


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