Ana in Wonderland – Ana Roš and her magical plates

Harmony of nature by Ana Roš (Foto: Janez Pukšič)

Where the flowers bloom most beautifully, where sky is always bright and where wide fields spread perfumes of many different herbs is situated Hiša Franko, one of the Slovenian top gourmet destinations. Close to Kobarid and close to Soča is situated their little paradise.

Hiša Franko is a house with history. The restaurant was started by Valter Kramar’s father who was already known also for his great knowledge of herbs and their usage in cuisine. Next step in the restaurant’s history happened when Valter has met Ana.

Ana and Valter (Photo by Janez Pukšič)

Ana graduated in diplomacy, had a very successful diplomatic career in front of her, spoke five languages and felt in love with Valter. This love has changed her life which after that found expression in the kitchen of Hiša Franko where Ana discovered her another talent which took her to the stars. In the world of chefs which is dominated by men Ana is part of the minority of female chefs who are  at least as good as their male colleagues. Women in such profession must, to reach the top, beside the talent and hard work have also guts to dare and never give up.

Ana succeeded with her strong female sensibility and instinct. She is, like a fairy, creating magical dishes which work like spells and transform every person who sees and tastes them into her lifelong fan.

Dream garden by Ana Roš (Photo by Janez Pukšič)

Her strong intellect rises her high above the average and her soul and passion push her always to discover deeply the world around her with it’s tradition, magic, history and future. All this is wonderfully expressed in her plates which are composed from the old traditional ingredients (often also to many unknown herbs, flowers or long forgotten vegetables) and innovative or traditional techniques which she got to know in her travels around the world.

Her great mind is always open for new inspirations so her journey is never the same. With the changes which happen in her, and with the seasons of her soul, as much as with seasons in the nature, are constantly changed also the plates, so every visit in her restaurant means for the guests a new adventure, full of expectations and magic.

And then there is her Valter who is always beside her, cares for her, for the wines, for everything that surrounds them and who plants new flowers into their blooming Wonderland.

Visit Ana and Valter at

And on the 18th of October meet them at the Ljubljana castle* where Ana intends to surprise all of us with her new creations inspired by the little plants of magical taste Koppert Cress. More about this event will follow soon.

Read more about Koppert Cress:

* At the castle of Ljubljana there is also a new restaurant Gostilna na Gradu which is a partnership project between Ana Roš, Valter Kramar and  Svetozar Raspopović – Pope (owner of Gostilna As) where they offer the traditional Slovenian food. Finaly Ljubljana has a restaurant where you can taste excellent traditional food which is better then home made and which is offered for very reasonable price. Bravo for Ana, Valter and Pope!

Photo by Janez Pukšič)

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  1. Sounds delicious! I wish I could go to the castle and be a part of this.

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