Ice Kube by Gray Goose

We have seen many ice bars popping up over the past years but this one is slightly unconventional in its approach and we love it!

From September 2010, the ice bar is changing its face to suggest a new setting: A replica of KUBE Hotel room with bathroom, bedroom, lounge and private bar consisting of 20 tons of ice.

The Ice Kube by Grey Goose calls for “Kuber” tasting of four cocktails made with Grey Goose vodka into glasses of ice, 30 minutes per session.

Before entering this strange place, the Kuber is dressed in a parka to enter a universe at -10 ° C.

The rooms deco is retro come futuristic style, a great accompaniment to the Ice Kube. As in real rooms of KUBE Hotel, Kuber first discovers the bathroom of his suite.

A constant stream of crystal water fills the bathtub for an invigorating swim.

Near the square basin, cosmetics, mirror, towels, hair dryer, slippers are … frozen in ice. Website

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