Joël Robuchon – the man of 26 (Michelin) stars

Press conference with Joël Robuchon, Renata Murmayer and Regis Lebrun

Great people are always humble. And so is also Joël Robuchon.

Great Joël Robuchon, who was titled “the chef of the century”  by the Gault Millau, the man who operates a dozen restaurants in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Macau, Monaco, New York City, Paris, Taipei, and Tokyo, with a total of 26 Michelin stars among them – the most of any chef in the world, came to Murska Sobota (Slovenia) upon the invitation of the Slovenian company Proconi, who is member of the Fleury Michon group. Joël Robuchon is already 23 years collaborating with the french company and visited Slovenia to get to know the Slovenian partner who impressed him with their potato puree, a dish which also made famous Joël Robuchon.

In the occassion of his visit has the company Proconi organized an event which allowed to Joël Robuchon to get to know some of the greatest Slovenian chefs and taste their dishes, inspired by the traditional ingredients and recipes of the Slovenian regions where they live and work.

Jure Tomič from the Ošterija Debeluh has prepared smoked trout with baked pear, horseradish and trout caviar. (picture above)

The great Tomaž Kavčič (above and bellow) from  Gostilna pri Lojzetu/Zemono has presented his variation of Vipavska šelinka, a traditional soup with celery. Tomaž is probably the Slovenian chef who is most famous abroad and is well known for the plates of very pure flavours, inventive techniques and at the same time great respect for the tradition.

The next in the row to present his creation was Janez Bratovž (bellow), well known chef from Ljubljana who’s restaurant Restavracija JB was this year selected between the 100 best restaurants of the S. Pellegrino top 50 list.

Janez Bratovž has for the great guest created the Veal sweetbread with porcini in a pork net. (Recipe is here.)

After Janez Bratovž followed:

Luka Jezeršek from Dvor Jezeršek 1768 presented Loška medla with Kranjska sausage.

Bine Volčič from Kitch’n’Art, Hotel Livada Prestige, prepared buckwheat ravioli with blood filling, croquette of the pork hoof and “bujta” turnip.

Tanja and Damir Pintarič from Gostilna Rajh have presented a great pumpking cake and at arrival pumpkin oil butter with buckwheat bread and greaves.

Joël Robuchon tasted wines of: VerusMarof, Blažič, Ščurek, Santomas, Steyer.

He was touched by the great attention he got from the hosts, the chefs, winemakers and  guests and proclaimed the lunch prepared by the Slovenian chefs as one of the most beautiful experiences he ever had. He said that all the plates were wonderful and very tasty and assured that he is always very sincere in his ratings.

What is the base of every great dish according to Joël Robuchon? Joël Robuchon explains that the base for him is always the best ingredient. He is always in search of the best ingredients in every country where he opens his restaurants. Plates in his restaurants differ in different countries because of that. The process for him is always started with searching for the great ingredient and then followed by creating a recipe, a dish, which will in the best way outline it’s flavour. He never combines more then 3 flavours in one plate. He believes that simplicity of the dish and pureness of the flavours are the most important. I believe we all will agree that it’s easy to create tastefull dishes by using some of the biggest delicacies (as foie gras etc), but the real master of the cuisine is the one which is able to prepare simple dishes with the common ingredients with the greatest perfection. Dishes which give emotions which we never forget.

In Joël Robuchon’s case such dish is potato puree which, prepared by him, is so creamy and tasty (it’s done only out of potatoes, milk and butter – the secret is in the right preparation) that it happens that some guests of his restaurant order it at the end of meal instead of a dessert.

Simple but great are the best dishes and so are also the best people.

Thank you, Joël Robuchon, for sharing your time and thoughts with us, thanks to Proconi for bringing such a great chef to Slovenia and to our chefs and winemakers for spoiling us with their tasty creations.

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