Iaquin is a brand of a family of wines of the Jakončič family which started to tell it’s story in 2006 in Vipolže (Goriška Brda, Slovenia) where it was born. It is result of many years of experiences in the vineyards.

A wish to improve the family’s winemaking was in Uroš Jakončič’s mind since he was a teenager. He passionately followed his dreams and his heart and learned intensely every day.

Already from the start he wanted to develop a high quality wine which will be different from all others – a wine with it’s own caracter. So after ten years of hard work the brand Iaquin was born and was in 2009 presented for the first time.

Every year Iaquin wines write a new story which each time presents the power of nature united with Uroš’s care.

On the 1st of October, at the opening of the SOTO exhibition: Direction South – SouthEast (fashion from Southern and South-Eastern Europe) which will take place at 20.00 at Vošnjakova 4 in Ljubljana you will be able to taste for the first time Iaquin’s Chardonnay 2007 and Jak 2007. Join us!


Photo by Dragan Arrigler

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