Ecoffee – contributing to balance of ecology, equity, economy

Even with simple everyday actions, such as the breakfast coffee, you can contribute to the balance of sustainability’s three E – ecology, equity, economy – thus giving a strong impetus to a sustainable development.

Inspired by this simple but key fact, a young Italian entrepreneur, Norman Cescut founder of Desita – an Italy based consulting company specialized in retail design – is developing an innovative and entirely eco-friendly project.

“ECOFFEE” is a ground-breaking business tool, dedicated to those entrepreneurs in the food-retail sector willing to invest in “environmental culture” applied to everyday consumer’s habits.

Sustainability is “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” says Norman Cescut cited the well-known Brundtland definition. ECOFFEE will participate to Ortofabbrica, the first Italian contest about sustainable creativity that will take place on 1-2-3 October in Gambettola, Forli-Cesena, Italy. ECOFFEE has also received a nomination to participate at the “Green Economy Emilia Romagna” Award, an initiative of Legambiente dedicated to the companies promoting environmental business policies.

ECOFFEE project has already obtained important approvals marks and international truths.

“ECOFFEE – explains Norman Cescut – is a very detailed business project targeted to the food-retail sector companies but that can potentially be implemented into other sectors. The development of a protocol based on the principles of eco-sustainability and social responsibility will be the tool thanks to which we can actively support companies. Second, the creation of a concept store, ideally a Coffee Shop, will be a field test for this internally developed Protocol. The Coffee Shop will be entirely eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable, a place where the customer awareness towards these important issues will be reinforced by a constant verbal and sensorial communication. Third, ECOFFEE will also become a Franchising project, providing many potential eco-sensitive entrepreneurs with a great opportunity to move from words to deeds. I think that only by setting ground rules for the sustainability of new installations, and why not, providing appropriate incentives, we can really make a leap forward toward a Green Economy”

The first Coffee Shop by ECOFFEE will be designed by Desita in compliance with ECOFFEE’s strict Protocol requisites, with a great use of recycled materials and, when not available, of those meeting the maximum eco-sustainability and preservation requirements by industry – as in the case of wood. The Protocol also demands a total recycling waste policy, the main use of renewable energies, the  sale and consumption  of only ethical and responsible “UTZ certified” coffees and locally grown products to list some of the many requirements that will be respected in this first concept store.

The sustainability and responsibility culture will also be spread thanks to the many events that will take place in this new concept Coffee Shop, such as workshops, concerts and events.

All these actions will help build customer awareness and strengthen the store central role as a place where everyday a sustainable culture can be generated and widely disseminated.

Information and details about the ECOFFEE project are available at, while DESITA company details are available at

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