Magnetized lingerie makes getting undressed a snap

During foreplay, every woman faces a dilemma :
1. She obviously needs to wear a lingerie that her man will want to tear off immediately
2. She also needs to keep her precious undies unharmed

Laetitia has found the key to this ancestral predicament : she has created rip-off lingerie… Her designs are delicate, made of lace and silk. They almost look fragile. But tiny invisible magnets have replaced the irritating hooks and annoying ties and, in one spectacular motion, the underwear can be literally ripped off. In a snap, the bra has flown away… in a pop, the panties are gone. This is much better than stripping. Honestly, he’ll never be able to forget that night.

Lingerie Dement
Bras between 70 and 90€, panties between 50 and 60€. See the whole collection here.

Shops :
– June et Jim, 69 rue Rochechouard, 9th, Tel. 00 33 1 40 23 08 05
– Yaya, 55 rue Montmartre, 2nd, Tel. 00 33 1 40 39 92 89
– Mademoiselle Lola, 13 rue Henri Monnier, 9th, Tel. 00 33 1 48 78 68 84

Illustration and story via My Little Paris


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