Ana in Wonderland: Ana Roš has presented Koppert Cress

Location of our event: The castle of Ljubljana, Restaurant Na Gradu. Photo: Žiga Intihar

On Monday we have gathered on the castle of Ljubljana for a very special occasion: Koppert Cress, the company which cultivates micro plants of great flavours, hired Carpe Diem Club to present their products to the top Slovenian chefs and enogastronomical journalists.

We decided to work in this occasion with Ana Roš, famous chef from the restaurant Hiša Franko and to organize a very special dinner which will be inspired by Koppert Cress.

Great Ana has created and prepared every plate with the greatest care. Photo: Žiga Intihar

Tables were ready and waiting for the guests.

Tables were ready for the guests to come. Photo: Žiga Intihar

A nice crowd of over 60 people has gathered. We were happy to host practically all the most important Slovenian chefs and enogastronomic journalists. Also some of CDC friends have joined us so the evening was perfect.

The restaurant was full and excited to discover the new tastes. Photo: Žiga Intihar

Koppert Cress plants were waiting for their first great debut in Slovenia:

Picking the plants for the wonderful plates. Photo: Žiga Intihar

First plate arrived:

Plate 1. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

Slowly cooked beef tongue/its natural gelatine, drops of raw beetroot, pumpkin oil ice-cream and spicy bouquet Koppert Cress (mustard, red cress and daikon).

Plate 2. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

Bakalar al bianco/ black bean and oysters soup, KaviarGiaveri Beluga Adriatic and oyster leaf

Plate 3. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

Scalop burned with the long pepper / smooth cream from cauliflower and hazelnuts, brambles cooked in vinegar, chips of the rye bread and Tahoma Cress

Plate 4. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

Piran sea bass, baked with a slice of porcini and lemon thyme / emulsion of the green bean and pistachio, mayonnaise of japanese dashi and sea salad

Plate 5. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

Crispy pig and balsamic herbs

Plate 6. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

1000 leafs from mountain butter / persimmon, vanilla and mandarin.

Great chefs getting to know the new plants. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

Between the plates there was enough time to get to know all the new plants. On the picture above Vesna Čarman (Restaurant Pri Danilu) and Jure Tomič (Oštarija Debeluh).

Wines by Edi Simčič and Vina Kramar. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

We were lucky also with the wines. Vina Kramar and Edi Simčič wines were a great company.

Tastings. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

Enrico Zallot, Koppert Cress marketing manager for the Southern Europe, was happy to offer some guided tastings of the superb plants which are available in every season and are a great way to complete a plate.

A group photo with the plants. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

From the right to the left: Irena Fonda – for now the only distributor of Koppert Cress for Slovenia, Aleks Simčič – Edi Simčič wines, Ana Roš – chef of Hiša Franko, Enrico Zallot – marketing manager of Koppert Cress for the Southern Europe, Andreja Lajh – founder of Carpe Diem Club and organizer of Ana in Wonderland event.

Tomaž Kavčič (Zemono) and Andreja Lajh (Carpe Diem Club). Photo by Žiga Intihar.

Also Tomaž Kavčič  was happy with the evening.

Ana Roš with Zoran Trojar. Photo by Žiga Intihar.

The wonderful Koppert Cress micro plant are for now available in Slovenia by and on different locations over the border (Metro in Udine gets them fresh three times a week etc). Koppert Cress hopes also of a better coverage in the Eastern Slovenia.

This event will stay for a long time in our memories not only because of the wonderful tasty plants but also because of the big attendance of the most important Slovenian chefs. With us were also:

Tomaž Kavčič and Flavia Furios Kavčič (, Maruška and Boris Gašperin (, Jure Tomič (, Tanja and Damir Pintarič (, Vesna Čarman (, Tomaž Polenec (, Uroš Fakuč (, Milan Graj (, Robert Gregorčič (, Igor Jagodic (, Anita and Miha Potočnik (, Uroš Štefelin (, Bine Volčič ( and others + some of the most important Slovenian enogastronomical journalists as Tomaž Sršen, Violeta and Uroš Mencinger, Urša Cvilak, Sašo Dravinec, Lora Power, winemakers Martina and Aleks Simčič (, our Italian friend Paolo Ianna (Ein Prosit, Vini Buoni d’Italia, Merano WineFestival,…), our Croatian friend Marko Kovač (VinMedia), our Austrain friend  Herwig Ertel (Genussfestspiele) and other Carpe Diem Club friends.

A big thank you to all of you for being with us.

A special thanks to all who collaborated at this event:


Cuisine: Ana Roš and




See you soon!


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