Purity Vodka, from Ellinge Castle in the south of Sweden, was this week nominated as the world’s best vodka in Vodka Masters and Travel Retail Masters in Cannes. In addition to being awarded first place in the general category of vodka, Purity Vodka has also won the first prize in the category of Super Premium Vodka and two awards for the design. Purity Vodka, the lifework of Thomas Kuuttanen, is unique in both taste and quality and the result of more than ten years’ work.

“The received awards are a wonderful recognition of many years of very hard work. We strongly believe we are making the best vodka in the world, but it feels extremely gratifying that a group of world renowned experts agree with us!” says Thomas Kuuttanen, the Master Blender of Purity Vodka.

Purity Vodka is distilled at the 13th century Ellinge Castle, where Thomas Kuuttanen, after over a decade of hard work, created organic vodka, which many consider to be the perfect vodka. The distillation takes place in a proprietary pot still made of copper and gold, where the distillation procedure is repeated 34 times. It creates vodka which is so refined that no filtration is required.

On a base of barley and winter wheat, a sophisticated and mellow flavor that is unlike any other – with hints of nougat, malt and anise – is created. Purity Vodka is classed as ultra-premium vodka. Over the last year sales have progressed rapidly, and Purity Vodka is now available on 26 markets, including the U.S., Great Britain, China, Spain, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Thus, in the current year’s editions of Vodka Masters and Travel Retail Masters Purity Vodka has been awarded four medals. The competitions organized by the industry magazine The Spirits Business aims to discover and reward the world’s best spirits. Purity Vodka took home the following medals: Best Super Premium Vodka, Best Vodka, and two medals for design.

All 116 contributing brands that were entered were blind tasted by a renowned jury led by the one of the world’s top vodka specialists and beverage journalist, Ian Wisniewski.

“Rich, fresh aromas lead to a luxurious palate, with creamy aniseed and luscious vanilla delivered in waves of flavour, while dryness leads a rounded, long lasting finish.” says Ian Wisniewski on Purity Vodka.

About Purity Vodka
Purity Vodka is the result of a lifelong quest to redefine vodka. After a decade of refining the recipe, Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen has succeeded in producing Purity Vodka, the world’s most awarded ultra-premium vodka.

Purity Vodka comes to life in small batches at the 13th century Ellinge Castle in the south of Sweden. The proprietary pot still, made of copper and gold, produces a unique spirit, which is so refined that no filtration is necessary.

Source: http://pursuitist.com/


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