Illy’s new compact espresso machine designed for the Internet generation

Y1Illy’s latest coffee machine, is the result of three years of research and development led by Carlo Bach, art director of illycaffè, along with the firm MM Design. Made with an eye on the so-called “Y Generation,” its innovative and eye-catching compact design (it measures just under 10″ square) hides each component inside the little base, which doubles as storage for cups. Materials, such as aluminum, glass and stainless steel, not only lend quality but are recyclable too.

Y1_illy_2.jpg Y1_illy_5.jpg

Of course clever design is only as good as the taste of the coffee it produces, which Illy’s metodo Iperespresso capsule system guarantees. Based on five patents and developed to allow the optimal extraction of coffee aromas, the system also makes the requisite velvety and long-lasting “crema.”

The Y1 sells online from Illy for the introductory price of $125 (or €160 in Europe).


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