El Poiag’s Luxury Extra Virgin Oil

El Poaig´s mission is to bring exclusive local products to a wider market. They get underway with these stunning extra virgin olive oils coming from olive trees three thousand years old and native varieties. After all, luxury is an acumulation of everything we have been. A unique treasure offered by El Poaig. Health, history, luxury…

El Poaig’s extra virgin olive oil is produced from 437 millenarian Farga olive trees (437, 2500 years old), a variety native to the area of Maestrat on the east coast of Spain. Packaged in a unique half-litre bottle designed by Spanish designers CuldeSac, made from traditional Valencia ceramic and packed inside a wooden crate.

El Mil del Poaig is a medium fruity olive oil with green notes and citrus aromas. This olive oil is slightly spicy and fluid.



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