The Coolest Gadgets

James Bond made it sexy: The gadget! A real man must have gadgets! Characterized by ease of use and high functionality, technological novelty and of course, the highest aesthetic standards of design and material, gadgets have become status symbols. But unlike a pen with a built-in machine gun, gadgets for real life are made with the joy of joy itself in mind. A few choice selections – not just for men of course …

LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive

The outcome of the collaboration between the French designer Philippe Starck and IT accessories producer LaCie is up for sale:

A mobile hard drive with either 320 or 500 GB that not only offers high technical standards but also a beautiful and appealing design.
The 2 mm thick aluminium body contains a USB port, 5400 rpm, is usable on a PC as well as Apple and only weighs 355 g.
Another chief attraction is the integrated USB cable that can be hidden as fast as you unplugged it before.

Philippe Starck’s practical and user-optimised “design object” costs 99 respectively 129 €.

PSP from Sony and iPhone 4G from Apple

Play games, check photos, listen to music, watch movies and surf the net: the PSP (PlayStation Portable) from Sony is a jack-of-all-trades and therefore the perfect travel companion! “It keeps me occupied on long flights,” says Carsten Schieck. His second gadget of choice is Apple’s iPhone 4G, a handset which is optically scarcely different from its predecessors. However the real difference is inside: in addition to UMTS, the 4G is also equipped with GPS satellite navigation technology to assist you in finding the quickest way to your destination. Of course, you can also use this super hi-tech piece of kit to make calls!

Steve Jobs

iMac, iPhone, iPod – with every design idea Apple founder Steve Jobs makes our lives more practical, more colourful and a little simpler. “He develops products that offer much more than just functionality,” says Albin Hahn. For the last 30 years, Steve Jobs has personified digital revolution and explains: “For many design only means one façade, such as the material of a sofa or curtains. Whereas for me design is the overall soul of a handmade creation whereby what comes from within is represented by the outer layers.”

Household Robot from Karcher

Spring cleaning is considered as relatively un-cool. On the other hand the design of the RC 3000 is incredibly cool. It bustles across the floor very quietly (only 54 decibels) to make everything in your apartment spick and span.
Thanks to its integrated sensor this vacuum cleaner (280x98mm) can clean perfectly well by itself; should this little black and yellow robot bump into a wall, it simply turns itself around! With an operational speed of around 20cm per second this handy little robot can cover around 15m2 per hour. It also works on flooring of all kinds, even fringed rugs, which it recognises itself. It can also navigate its way around furniture, over cables and manage thresholds quite easily. It can also seek out especially dusty areas independently and works its way over such patches several times to get them especially grime-free. It empties its dust bag (0.2l) and recharges its battery (charge time between 10-20 minutes) all by itself at the base station. With a nickel metallic hydride battery, it has a total operation time of around 1 hour. Because it can do everything itself there’s no more need to argue about who will do the housework meaning it doesn’t just clean, it also adds to domestic bliss…of only such an item had existed before now!

Navigation system from i-gotU

I’ll get you! This neat little device calculates your route right down to the meter by logging onto Google Maps.
This tracker with built-in GPS sensor and SiRF III chip set is a virtual travel companion which can note all travel destinations either on land, in the air or over the sea. The water-protected machine weighs in at only 21g and its neat dimensions measure at only 47x29x12mm. The navigation software is downloadable free of charge from the manufacturer’s homepage. The USB stick is compatible with all digital cameras and linked to Google Maps allowing all your travel photos from each destination to be loaded into the machine and re-ordered there. The collection intervals for waypoints can be defined from between 1 second and 61 minutes. The simple operating process makes this a user-friendly appliance and a Bluetooth version is also available for purchase.

Smartphone from BlackBerry

The word ‘bold’ has many meanings: courageous, powerful, resolute also saucy, brazen and sassy. So it’s not just the name which makes Blackberry the perfect gadget for the knights of the digital age.
The Triband Smartphone ‘Bold’  from Blackberry was the first to feature HSDPA for super fast internet connection. The phone weighs only 136g (114x66x15mm) and has a Gbyte internal storage system in addition to connectors for microSD and SDHC data cards. The 624mHz internal processor makes email and internet site downloads faster than ever before. A massively improved digital display (480×320 pixels) and a built-in media player with stereo speakers provides worthy competition to the new iPhone models. Also included as standard are GPS receivers, 2 megapixel digital camera with 5x zoom, MP3 player, Bluetooth, wireless internet and USB 2.0. The long life Li Ionen battery provides up to 300 hours of talktime making irritating recharging rarely necessary. Even the casing itself has been rendered in exquisite piano-lacquer housing with chrome finishing and a leather effect backside.

Video Camera from Sony

With their TG1E camera in titanium housing, Sony stress the fact that they’ve created the smallest and lightest HD video camera in the world.
Thanks to reductions in price, HD shooting is now affordable even to the amateur filmmaker. This camera, constructed of scratch-proof titanium, is around the size of the average cell phone (32x119x63mm), weighs in at only 240g and fits comfortably into your jacket pocket. The camera ‘sees’ with a 2.3 megapixel sensor while the Vario Tessar Zeiss lens boasts a 10x zoom function and automatically adjusts for sharpness, exposure and color balance. Further operating functions are controlled via the 2.7 inch touch screen display. The ‘Quick-On” standby function means the camera is always operational. Sound is recorded to Dolby Digital 5.1 standard. The extremely high picture quality can only be fully appreciated on a Full HD television set or a monitor with appropriate picture composition – only then can one see the true results. The Flash Memory data stick offers room to store up to 6 hours of HD or 11 hours of standard quality footage.

Cinemizer multimedia glasses from Zeiss

One can (literally) see right away the innovation here from Cark Zeiss AG. Internationally renowned design agency FROG were responsible for the chic styling of these glasses. The best in design and technology makes an unbeatable combination.
Put these glasses on and hook yourself up to an iPod or indeed any other kind of media player (a jack plug is all that’s needed here) and you’re wired for any occasion – language courses meetings, movies, music videos or vacation films – and of course these can all be enjoyed wherever you happen to be: on the train, on a flights, on the beach or in the gym. You can enjoy the cinema feeling anywhere. The Cinemizer simulates a real cinema experience and gives the impression that the screen is at least 2m away. The speakers are integrated into the arms of the glasses. The glasses are constructed from Polyacrylamid (weighing in at only 115g) and are available in a choice of 5 colours. The size and removable nose pad can be tailored to the personal demands of the wearer and can be purchased in levels between +3.5 and –3.5 dioptres. The glasses can also be operated with remote control and the battery has a run time of around 4 hours.

Navigation system Tom Tom

Right on target: the undisputed Number 1 of the electronic navigation world offers clear operating instructions and fast and reliable route computation.
The TomTom GO 930 T boasts unsurpassed equipment and together with the USA-Canada-Europe map software puts any driver in pole position. Finally equipped with a lane assistant, the device is still absolutely unrivalled in terms of its suggestions for alternative driving routes. Place and street names can be changed from language to language even whilst driving. Digital traffic service and the Traffic Message Channel to warn of any approaching traffic jams come as standard as do additional lists of hospitals, service stations and hotels – perfect for spontaneous overnight stays whilst on the road. Also on board, an acceleration sensor for driving in tunnels and a music player with FM connection. With the new MapShare technology, users can personally correct false information whilst also adding details for specific destinations and with the internet connection all TomTom users can benefit from these updates and corrections. Otherwise, newly updated maps are released from the manufacturer every 6 months. The Bluetooth lithium polymer battery can also be used for 5 consecutive hours without recharging.



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