World Chocolate Guide

We love chocolate. You love chocolate. The world loves chocolate. That’s why a group of collaborators decided for the not-inconsiderable task of visiting, photographing, mapping, and describing and as many of the world’s top chocolate retailers as they can.

In order to help you find the best chocolate, wherever you happen to be, they’ve built a web site around a map. Click on a retailer to find out more about the place, the people behind it and the chocolate they sell. Zoom in or drag the map to see more detail, and click on a cluster (represented by a number in a brown circle) to quickly view all the shops in that area.

They’re adding more shops all the time, so check back soon, or feel free to get in touch to tell them about a great little chocolate place you know!

The Chocolate Guide Team

World Chocolate Guide was created by Jennifer Earle, founder of London’s Chocolate Ecstasy Tours and Dom Ramsey, editor of chocolate blog Chocablog. They not only share a passion for great chocolate, but also the unstoppable urge to tell people about it. The Guide is their way of sharing the amazing shops and patisseries they’ve visited, as well as discovering new places.

Get Involved

WCG relyes on readers to let them know about new places and leave feedback on the shops they’ve already visited. If you’ve been to one of the shops covered in The Guide, please take a moment to leave a comment and to rate it.

Rating shops not only helps build a more complete resource, but also gives shop owners and chocolatiers valuable feedback on how they’re doing. If your favourite chocolate shop isn’t listed, you can submit it using this form.

And if you love chocolate as much as we do, why not take a moment to sign up for an account. It only takes a moment.



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