Alberto Ruggeri, Ambassador of Le Colture, Valdobbiadene, italy

Amberto Ruggeri is ambassador of the presigious family winery “Le Colture”, which creates on the picturesque hills of S. Stefano in Valdobbiadene, covered with vineyards of a stunning beauty, excellent “Prosecco di Valdobbiadene”.

What has brought you into the world of wines?

I was born into a family which was living for the wine. Our family roots are deeply anchored into Valdobbiadene already since generations and between my ancestry are important names of the wine world of this part of Italy. What else could I do? I graduated in Enology in Conegliano, at one of the oldest schools, and then also in Ecomomy in Padua. In our family business nobody has any particular role, we all are involved in everything, but anyway I’m most active in marketing and sales.

How would you describe your company?

As I’ve already told, our family is deeply rooted into this territory. Already since 1500 it was active in wine sector. In the year 1983 have my grandfather Gerardo, my father Cesare and my uncle Renato founded the company Le Colture, which got it’s name from our location.  The company owns 45 hectares of vineyards which are spread between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano and are all part of Valdobbiadene DOCG. It’s a family company in which is active all the family, including my parents and my sisters Silvia and Veronica. Each year we put on the market about 600.000 bottles of wine and around 35% of it is exported.

What’s your wine philosophy?

Tradition, passion and quality. This are terms that describe me the best and are, for my opinion, the most important in creation of wines.

Respect for tradition, history and culture of the territory in which you live and create. Respect for people and things. Many generations before me were already working hard to strive the results we are achieving now. We should be thankful.

Passion for everything we do. We are creating wines which we love. Sales is only the secondary thought. We are not working with wine, we live with it! Of course there is always also profit, but it must be proportional to the passion of creating. Work without passion dies soon.

Quality of wines. This is always of main importance. We are not interested in mediocre wines, but excellent drinkable wines. I want to see happiness on the faces of people who drink our wines. And quality often goes hand in hand with tradition and passion.

Between your wines, which one do you prefer?

There are two of them. Valdobbiadene Docg Cartizze is the first one because it’s simply fantastic! It’s full in the mouth and on nose.  It’s pleasant and seducing – it  conquers you right away. It’s expression of the  Cartizze hill, which is so different from others. It’s really surprising how intense wines gives this steep hill. On the other side there is Valdobbiadene Docg Fagher Brut, which is so straightforward, but of pleasant mineral taste. It’s perfect as aperitif, but it goes well also with other courses. It’s an excellent wine.

Are your wines the way you want them?

Of course! They are exactly the way I want them. Practically always. It’s clear that they change each year a bit, but we always strive to achieve the best possible quality.

Which wine of some other winemaker would you want to be yours?

There are many of them! No, let’s be serious: There are many wines which I like. I don’t want them to be mine, but I’m enthusiastic about them. I love some Franciacorta sparkling wines, some Chianti’s DOCG, some good Nobile di Montepulciano, wines from Friuli and Liguria. And right now I’m discovering some of the great wines from Puglia and Calabria.

Do you have any realizable or realized dreams?

Realized dream is our agriturism which we have created at Monello, some 20 km away from our wine house. This was most of all a dream of our father Cesare, owner of Le Culture. We have created a small but cosy place for our guests to stay – most of all for those guests who want to feel involved into our daily rhythm. Guests can take part at the harvest and all other activities in our vineyards.

Do you have also any unrealizable dream?

I think not. I’m a person with both feet on the ground. I know my capacities and my limits. I love to travel. Travel is for me like a dream.

If you wouldn’t be involved in wines, what would you do?

I like the profession of an architect. I was always impressed by buildings, spaces, interiors. I was also always interested in history and philosophy, and I was always attracted by acting.

Where are available your wines?

On different parts of the world. In Italy, USA, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Russia and Australia, if I list only the most important ones. You will find them in many Michelin star restaurants, on the most beautiful locations of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Adelaide, London, on important British cruises, in Moma and in Armani’s restaurant in New York, in Caffe Florian in Venice …

Interviews with the winemakers are result of collaboration between Paolo Ianna* and Andreja Lajh

*Paolo Ianna is collaborator at the organisation of the Ein Prositwine festival at Tarvisio, co-coordinator for Friuli Venezia Giulia for the guide ViniBuoni d’Italia by Touring Club Italiano and president of the commission of the Wine-Tasting Committee – Merano International Wine Festival & Culinaria.


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