Slovenian wine and culinary festival

Slovenian wine and culinary festival for many years draw together suppliers and consumers of exquisite wines and culinary delights. This year more than 250 excellent wine makers, producers of culinary delights aswell as selected chefs will be presented; Slovenian and foreign. Every year the event hosts more than 3500 visitors from the ranks of experts, retailers, caterers, hoteliers and other professionals, journalists and enthusiastic consumers. Thus realizing our mission of spreading the culture of wine and food enjoyment and creating new business opportunities.

Also this year the festivals will be held in the two most prestigious hotels in the centre of Ljubljana – Hotel Slon and Grand Hotel Union, namely 18 and 19 November 2010.
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1. You will be able to taste over 600 excellent wines.

2. You will have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary palette of wine tastes from all three Slovenian wine-growing regions.

3. You will get to know wines that were produced in our neighbourhood and further away.

4. You will hear the most absorbing first-hand wine stories from more than 200 winemakers.

5. You will have the unique opportunity to meet the rising wine stars and those already shining brightly.

6. You will be able to participate in exquisite wine and culinary workshops, by the very best Slovenian experts in the field.

7. You will find out which wines rank as the top Festival wines according to the committee of experts.

8. You will have the opportunity to participate in the selection of the most pleasing wine according to the visitors.

9. By tasting some selected wines from abroad you will be able to position the Slovenian wine makers on the European wine map.

10. You will meet old and new friends, wine-lovers.

11. Although you will be one among over 3000 visitors, you will feel at home.

12. After all because the Slovenian Wine Festival is the real selection among similar events.

13. Since You are the most important, remain a part of the festival story an write the 14th reason – the one that keeps you coming back.


1. Because you prefer quality to quantity.

2. Because the Slovenian regional culinary specialties will be presented.

3. Because you will have the possibility to find out what kind of “marriage” betweenwine and food is the best one.


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