Rent a Christmas tree – the convenient and environmentally-friendly service

The Christmas season is around the corner, and with it come the same old questions:

Who is going to get the tree for the office or home and how will we decorate it? For the second year now, a company from Ljubljana is pleased to give you the opportunity to Rent a Living Christmas Tree!

Chose your tree online now.

They have placed photos of each available tree on their website.

The procedure is fast and easy. Chose the appropriate tree size for your office, and then select the tree you want to rent and when and where it should be delivered (delivery is available for the greater Ljubljana area and for bigger orders also in another parts of Slovenia).

Everything is one link away at , including a small selection of tree decoration.

Your tree comes in a pot that will enable it to survive beyond the festive season. All you need to do is to water it.

When the holidays end they pick the tree up again, and it goes back to the nursery to get its well deserved winter rest. How nice to know that the tree can grow for many more years.


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