Win two of four free tickets for Ein Prosit

November is always a month of intense enogastronomical happenings. From the 18th till the 21st of November will take place also Ein Prosit. Location of this enogastronomical event in Malborghetto-Tarvisio in Italy, but practically on the border with Slovenia and Austria, is a perfect location for celebration of the best of the enogastronomy of all the three countries.

Ein Prosit attracts each year visitors and buyers from the whole Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and also some other countries. Two days (Saturday and Sunday) are dedicated to wines and are main days of the festival. Other days offer instead only some enogastronomical experiences in the local restaurants.

Ein Prosit is most of all dedicated to the excellent autochtone wines, but not only. The organizers expect this year around 180 exhibitors and are preparing a nice list of events.

Carpe Diem Club is offering free entrance ticket for Ein Prosit to 3 persons who are:

or members of Carpe Diem Club on Facebook,

or CDC fans on Facebook

or who are subscribed to CDC blog.

First two members who will correctly answer the question will get each two tickets for Ein Prosit. Question is: During the weekend will take place also three great dinners prepared by three great chefs: Uliassi (Uliassi), Cerea (Da Vittorio) and Scabin (Combal.Zero). Who of them will cook on Friday and how many Michelin stars does he have?

You can find the answer at:

To participate send the correct answer by email at:

I’m looking forward to see you at Ein Prosit.

Let’s see some of the highlights of what Ein Prosit promises this year:

Guided tastings will be in the hands of Gian Luca Mazzella and Sandro Sangiorgi. Gian Luca Mazzella will present a vertical of the german Rieslings of the Schloss Schoenborn, some of the best Tocais from Friuli and tasting of the great Tuscan reds. More:

Meetings, guided by Aurora Endrici will present between others some of the best Merlot producers from Friuli. What else? Have a look:

Laboratories of taste is another interesting part of Ein Prosit, managed by Paolo Marchi (with guests like Davide Scabin, Gianluca Fusto, Rosanna Marziale etc), Daniele Savi (with honey, pasta, savoiardi etc dedicated events) and Bepi Pucciarelli (with tasting of different delicacies and wines).

Davide Scabin 

Dinners (Itineari del gusto) with some of the great italian chefs, between them Enrico Cerea (Da Vittorio), Davide Scabin (Combal.Zero), Enzo Coccia (pizzeria La Notizia), Alberto Tonizzo (Ristorante Al Ferarut), restaurant Uliassi, Restaurant Antico Foledor will take care of the highest enogastronomical pleasures for even the most spoiled guests.

Enrico Cerea 

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  1. Thank you for your collaboration. Tickets have already got their owners.

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