The CDC event in November photos: Truffle hunt and Rojac winery

Wonderful view from the Rojac winery

Last Saturday a nice group of 30 people from different parts of Slovenia and Italy gathered in Istria for a new adventure – this time it was truffle hunt and visit to the Rojac winery.

In front of the Rojac winery the autumn enchanted us with the richness of colours

A nice walk between the vineyards and forests: Truffle hunt started

The group was following truffle hunters with the dogs

White truffle from Istria

Some truffles were also on sale

In the wine cellar we were first welcomed with a sparkling wine. Wine tasting started.

Maurizio Rusconi (Festival Ein Prosit) tasting Rojac Malvasia

Cheers 😉

Happy looking Vladimir Rukavina (Narodni Dom, Lent Festival) and Uroš Mencinger (Rad dobro jem) with their wifes

Piero Camber (president of the forth regional comission Friuli Venezia Giulia) with his better half

Chef Marko Morgan (Konoba Morgan)

A little break in the Rojac wine cellar

Uroš Rojac explaining his wines

Chef Marko and winemaker Uroš

We enjoyed some really exellent wines that night

Happy Paolo Ianna confirms it

Tasty Istrian beef

Slovenian journalist Sašo Dravinec (Primorske Novice)

And gain some tasting in the wine cellar. Uroš Rojac and Andreja Lajh

Big love: Paolo Ianna and Uroš Rojac

When new people meet who don’t know each other and spend together a wonderful part of the day strangers turn into friends. Also this time some new experiences were gathered and some new friendships were born.

We have spent a really wonderful day and I would like to thank from all my heart to all the wonderful guests (yes, each of you is special and I hope to see you all again) but specially to Sonja and Uroš Rojac for all their effort, wines and warm hospitality, to Marko Morgan and his team for wonderful tasty plates and to Sašo Dravinec and Paolo Ianna who kindly helped me with the photos. Authors of the photos are Sašo, Paolo and me.

See you soon in a new Carpe Diem Club adventure!

Rojac wines:

Konoba Morgan:


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