Underground restaurants are conquering the world. One also in Ljubljana

Best ingredients and mediterranean dishes are typical for the underground restaurant in Ljubljana.

Closer view: on the plate excellent polenta crostini, some with caponata, some with artichokes.

Are you a passionate foodie who loves to taste new things or simply a person who loves to eat good but doesn’t have time for all the shopping and cooking? Are you often eating out but you long for good home-made food made from good fresh raw materials? Then underground restaurant is the right thing for you.

Underground restaurants offer to you home-eating experience anytime you want. With no big effort for you and for a very reasonable price which everyone can afford you can eat high quality natural food prepared by one of the passionate foodies who decided to open the doors of his home to public. People who decide to do that, are people who are really passionate about cooking so you can expect some incredible culinary surprises.

The dining room of the Ljubljana underground restaurant is simple but cosy.

The Guardian wrote about them: “In the US, they call them supper clubs; here (in U.K.), they are underground restaurants; in Cuba, paladares. They are a cross between a restaurant and a dinner party – like a restaurant, in the sense that you pay; like a dinner party, in the sense that you are in someone’s house, with a regular someone cooking. It’s really pretty simple, except for the counter-cultural tang that they are illegal.

Or perhaps that’s too strong a word. Horton Jupiter, who runs The Secret Ingredient (every Wednesday at the moment), says, “No, no, no, I probably wouldn’t call it illegal. I just don’t want those pen-pushing tossbags at the council to find out. And my landlady doesn’t know either.”

Naturally, this makes it hard to advertise in a conventional way like having a sign on the street, so it’s all word-of-mouth, by which I mean Facebook. Probably the best way to find out about underground restaurants in other towns is to be cool, and know cool people. In London there are three that I know about (Horton’s place in Dalston, MsMarmiteLover’s, which launched on Saturday in Kilburn, and one other), which means there must be more, surely? At the risk of making it so obvious that they get busted and shut down, you can find out about them by Googling keywords like “Horton” and “secret ingredient” and “MsMarmiteLover”. (Read the whole article in Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/feb/10/underground-restaurants-london)

Tables are prepared with care and attention to every detail.

Every detail shows care of the owners.

Even Ljubljana is now richer for an underground restaurant. It can be found not far away from the old town and it’s open for closed groups for lunch and daily for dinner (a 7 courses dinner will cost you a donation of 25 eur, a bottle of country wine is 7 eur, but you are also allowed to bring your own wine). Best ingredients and passionate owners are guarantee for your pleasure. Try it out! Contact them at: gustiranje@gmail.com

Have a look at the comments bellow daily – actual menu will be published there.

Have you been in an underground restaurant? Share with us your experience.

One Response to “Underground restaurants are conquering the world. One also in Ljubljana”

    First mild country cheese for a welcome,

    then freshly baked bread with Pachino cherry tomatoes inside and organic olive oil,

    then a plate of appetizers: beetroot on grilled bread with goat cheese; mozzarella and prosciutto in teran sauce; ricotta with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil,

    then warm »bobici« – a strong corn soup.

    After that fried rolls with red cabbage and chicken,

    fresh secret salad for in-between.

    And then Jurij’s famous hand-made ravioli, filled with fennel in a »burro e salvia« sauce.

    Sweet ending with refreshing mousse.

    Dinner 25 euro/per person, (a bottle of country wine costs + 7 eur. Wine can be also brought in by a guest.)

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