Taxi of tomorrow


NYC’s cab of the future will soon be selected by Taxi of Tomorrow, a project dedicated to bringing innovative design to the next fleet of 13,237 iconic cabs consuming the city streets. The forthcoming official taxi has now been narrowed down to three designs—the Ford Transit Connect (above), the Nissan NV200 (below) and the KarsanVI (bottom). With environmental and passenger concerns at the forefront, cab riders have their chance to state their desires (and win $5,000 in free cabs) through the online surveyset up by Taxi of Tomorrow.


While all three cabs are of the minivan style, each is slightly different in both shape and function. The manufacturer of NYC’s current Crown Victoria model, Ford’s Transit Connect will come equipped with a jack for an MP3 player and increased height for taller pieces of luggage.

Already used in Japan, Nissan’s NV200 is the roomiest of the three designs and appears most like the minivan already roaming the streets. The NV200 takes the city staple up a notch with the aim of making the vehicle fully electric.


Arguably offering the most in passenger safety, features and space, Turkish motor company Karsan presented a minivan bedecked with a plexiglass roof, Wi-Fi capabilities, wheelchair accessibility and seats for five people.

The winning design will serve the streets for the next decade, beginning as early as 2013 and as late as 2014. Check out the survey to tell the TLC what you would like to see implemented in (or removed from) the Taxi of Tomorrow.



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