Gifts For Oenophile Who Has It All


Le Nez Du Vin Aroma Kit


What does one buy the wine lover who has everything? It’s a perennial problem for anyone who lives with an avid oenophile.

You may well answer wine, but in reality a purchase of a case or special bottle of wine is fraught with risk. Much of one’s love of wine comes from the practice of collecting and discovering, of trawling through wine merchants’ catalogs, picking up bits of gossip, recommendations, discovering little-known wines and much underrated vintages.

A cellar is a personal collection, in many cases made up of parcels of wine that signify certain anniversaries and dates that are significant in the buyer’s life. To get it right, one either has to buy a wine lover a niche wine they haven’t already discovered or something so spectacularly special they will be forever in your debt.


Riedel Eve Decanter


But, of course, there is always the danger of getting it wrong. If you are buying for the wine lover, it is far better to steer clear of wine altogether and opt for something a little more unusual. The world of wine accessories is nearly as fascinating as the world of wine itself. From spiral cellars to crystal decanters, there is an abundance of wine paraphernalia to keep the most demanding of connoisseurs content. Below are some of my top wine gifts that will, I’m sure you’ll agree, delight the wine lover who has it all.


Crystal Design Wine Sceptre

Crystal Design Wine Sceptre, £100. A handy gadget for anyone wanting to chill down their wine without the fuss or inconsistency of an ice bucket. The stainless steel rod retains a constant temperature when inserted, from the freezer, into a bottle.

Le Nez du Vin aroma kit, from £21.50. There are a range of kits, capturing six to 54 smells and scents in little bottles, which help wine lovers identify those complex notes such as raspberry, toast, hawthorn and blackberry.

Large NeoFresh V292 cabinet, from £3,200. Storing wine in a modern, centrally heated house can prove problematic, especially if it is fine wine that needs to be cellared for a few years before drinking. If the temperature rises and falls by more than 10 degrees Celsius, it can spoil. Wine also doesn’t like strong light and benefits from humidity. Eurocave’s storage cabinets solve all these problems, with the benefit of not requiring the expense and trouble of constructing a cellar.

Riedel Vinum Bordeaux wine glass, £20 each. When it comes to wine glasses, Georg Riedel is the most influential man in design and the Bordeaux Vinum is his signature glass. Although created for Bordeaux, the glass is enormously versatile and will service most wines.


Screwpull LM-400 corkscrew


Screwpull LM-400 corkscrew, £100. The latest model from Screwpull is one of its easiest to use, removing the cork in a simple up-and-over motion. It can also handle all types of cork, including synthetic and plastic.

Spiral Cellar, from £9,500. If space is a premium, what better way to treat the wine lover than with a house for his collection? Designed in 1977 by Georges Harnois, this watertight, cylindrical system can safely store up to 1,500 bottles.



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