Truffle auction in Macau raises £240,000 for charities

Casino mogul’s winning bid for two white truffles matched the record price he paid

for a single giant fungi previously


White truffles

A pair of white truffles that fetched $330,000 at a charity auction in Portugal. Photograph: AP


A casino mogul bid $330,000 (£211,500) for two white truffles, matching the record price he paid at the same event three years ago for just one of the giant fungi.

Billionaire Stanley Ho made the winning bid Saturday at a charity auction through representatives of his company, Sociedade de Jogos de Macau.

The pair consisted of a huge truffle from Tuscany weighing about 2lb and one from Molise weighing 14oz (440g). The auction, at Ho’s Grand Lisboa hotel in the former Portuguese colony, had bidders participating from Rome and London through a satellite link.

In 2007, Ho paid $330,000 for a white truffle from Tuscany weighing about 3.3lb.

Ho is best known for his casinos in Macau, a gambling enclave in southern China near Hong Kong.

Sixteen lots of truffles were sold, raising $373,500 for charities in Macau, Britain and Italy. White truffles are the most expensive and highly prized of Italy’s crop. Among the most famous are those from Alba in northern Piedmont, where pigs or dogs are used to sniff them out during the September-December hunting season.

During the truffle season in Italy, restaurants offer pasta and other dishes containing the edible fungus at sky-high prices. Slivers of the delicacy, with its strong aroma, are prized for flavouring pasta sauces and rice dishes.



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