All around bubbles

With the holidays upon us, festive get-togethers often include celebratory drinking, and what better way to enjoy a party than by popping the cork on a bottle of something sparkling? Ready to glitter your way through the holidays?


French champagne house Piper Heidsieck collaborated with the Dutch fashion duo Viktor & Rolf to design a limited edition Rose Sauvage champagne set.

Famous for their out-of-the-box designs, Viktor & Rolf redefined classic champagne drinking by turning the champagne bottle, glass and ice bucket upside down!  What appears to be a champagne set left to dry from washing is actually the outcome of Viktor & Rolf’s challenge on how to make something new out of something eternal.

The inverted designs resulted into making the champagne glass appear more like a martini glass and the cooler appearing more like an antique casket.


The new Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque line will be the world’s most expensive champagne at $1,275 per bottle.   This release times perfectly with the fact that most of the top Hip Hop artists have been protesting Crystal and that several new entrants have been trying to vie for the spot of the world’s premier bubbly white.


A long-waited vodka dream ironically came from England. As some magazines would call it “the champagne of vodkas” the O2 vodka is the world’s first sparkling vodka. Produced by the International English Distillers and created by Philip Maitland the 80-proof premium vodka’s production process is patented already.

An important London landmark, the St Pancras International train station, has a unique London feature: the upper level, where Eurostar departs, sits Europe’s longest champagne bar. It stretches over 315 feet and you can choose from a buffet of bubbly varieties.

“The bar has stools for 110 people and there are almost 70 Champagnes on the menu, with 10 available by the glass,” Luxist describes. “You can enjoy a Champagne breakfast and spend anywhere from £39.95 to £2,700 on a bottle of bubbly. On their opening day they sold the equivalent of 4,500 glasses of champagne.”

Ever since champagne made its debut in France during the late 1600s, it has gained a reputation as “the celebration wine.” It launches ships, commemorates anniversaries and birthdays, toasts weddings, and now is the darling of the London St Pancras International train station.


Showcased among the many beers at the Beertopia World Beer Festival in New York was this unique new product – Champagne Lager (Or Champagne Beer as it is known in the US). This innovative new beverage sets out to tempt and tease your taste buds with its combination of beer and Champagne. Flying in the face of drinking convention, which states that ‘grapes and hops’ should not be drunk in the same session, this new drink was enthusiastically sampled and approved by hundreds of the festival attendees.

Boasting a new category unto itself this export brand of a London based Cobra Beers will put the glam into beer drinking and add a few more carbs for the Champagne connoisseurs.

“It’s so unique that it’s a new category,’’ said Hoshang Chenoy, vice president of marketing. “We call it the celebration alternative.’‘

Carrying a powerful 8% ABV and double fermented in Belgium’s world famous Rodenbach brewery, bringing out all the subtleties and character of its fine ingredients, this Champagne Beer comes in a sleek dark champagne-style bottle with the tagline “This holiday season have your beer and your champagne too!”

Veuve Clicquot presents the perfect travel companion. An innovative cooler pack to transport your champagne made of neoprene and leather. Costs $89.99 and includes one bottle of Veuve and two custom champagne flutes. Found at



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