Firma by Sanja Grcić in NY

Firma by Sanja Grcić

Politicaly noncorrect, nontrendy pop, postcommunist global, worldy East European, urban bohemian, street couture, colourful black – for new world order adventurers.

Time is now; winter collection
Awekened at 7am, breakfest on the table, children in daycare, boss in the office, shopping, cooking lunch, caught in traffic jam, a meeting, dishes washed up, lady in black at Nick Cave’s concert, mistress at midnight.
She is a superheroine. Her time is now.

Firma by Sanja Grcić


Adventurers; pre-spring collection
Left & right, up & down, turn around,
Daily casual look becomes the evening wear, short sleeves become the long ones, elegant trousers transform themself into urban street look. For those who hurry from the plane to attend the business meeting and who are afterwards in haste for the rock concert.

Firma by Sanja Grcić label is created for people who are not afraid to step out of a crowd.

Take part at the RS POP-UP from 5th till 26th January at the Roger Smith Hotel, 501 Lexington Ave, New York

More about the event at Facebook:

Firma by Sanja Grcić

About Sanja Grcić:

Born in Mostar, 1970, works and lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia

BA Textile and Fashion Design, University of Ljubljana

2008                 Macbeth – theatre costume design Ljubljana Slovenia

Departage – dance theatre costume design Marseille France

Showroom, exhibition, fashion show at international design festival Assembly 5 Graz Austria

2007                 Some of  Them – wardrobe stylist for advertising campaign and music video for UNICEF Slovenia

2005-2008         Founder and chair-woman of  SOTO, Society for contemporary Slovenian textile and fashion design Art director and curator of fashion design exhibitions Any Sharp Objects? and Family Ties (Arnheim, Zoetermeer, Luxembourg, Chicago, New York, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Berlin, Helsinki, Athens, Bratislava, Madrid, Graz)

2005                 book editor Any Sharp Objects?

2005                TREND Slovenian national award for creativity in fashion

2005-2008        Creative director of group NOSTYLE for wardrobe styling (editorial, advertising, music video) Slovenia, Germany, England, Croatia, Serbia

2004 -2008       Independent fashion designer and founder of FIRMA Ljubljana label

Shops & showrooms: Beograd Fashion Week, Gorgeous Ljubljana, Ostblock Zurich, Pell Mell Graz, Easternblock London

2001-2008       Chief wardrobe stylist for culture and arts programmes of Slovenian national television

1970-2008             Passionate fan of Italian soccer, pardon calcio


Firma by Sanja Grcić


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