Some of the best places in the world to drink coffee

You can get coffee anywhere in the world and although it might vary from place to place, it has been universally embraced as the hot beverage of the morning. Some say they can’t even work without it. Others would rather give up smoking than their caffeine habit.


Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre philosophised over a cup of coffee, preferring to work in a café during the day. This was, and still is, considered to be the drink to help you think. So, where better to have a cup of coffee, other than at Les Deux Magots cafe (, where two great minds of the 20th-century created their most celebrated works? For something a little more refined, why not try Angelina café, which was Coco Chanel’s favourite haunt. Opposite the gardens Tuilleries, this is perfect for afternoon cake with a cup of coffee.



Moscow isn’t full coffee shops, but there is one place considered to be the best. Coffee Mania ( is one of the most desirable places to hang out in the Russian capital, and is famed for its chic crowd of beautiful people and nouveau riche. Even the waiters are good looking. But places like this don’t come cheap and have price tags to match. However, there is a reason why Moscow’s elite come here so often – they do great food, cakes and most importantly award-winning coffee.


Buenos Aires

Coffee in South America doesn’t seem to be as popular as it is in Europe. However, Buenos Aires – arguably the more European city of the continent – has one of the best places to grab a cup of coffee. The Urban Station ( in central Buenos Aires is part workspace and part café. It’s great if you’re in need of a caffeine hit, but want to do some work in a relaxed environment. And with plenty of comfy chairs and plug sockets, set in the café’s slick and simple interior, where better to stay rooted for the day than here?



Sydney isn’t the only city in Australia where there is a thriving coffee culture. Melbourne is arguably the more superior city in terms of finding a fantastic cup of the roasted stuff. The Brother Baba Budan café ( in Melbourne offers an array of different coffee beans and also specialises in single origin beans. Then there’s Market Lane Coffee (, which is a specialty roaster and retailer of coffee. They source, roast and serve coffee from some of the best coffee growers in the world. Although they don’t do much variation, they can promise one thing: really good coffee.



Apparently the flat white phenomenon began in Auckland and is the source of the UK’s current white flat trend (although Sydnesiders dispute this). Reslau ( is a busy, stylish and innovative café in central Auckland with a loyal following and a reputation for exceptional coffee. It has also been judged best café in the city every year since opening in 2007. Another place of note is the Espresso Workshop (, which specialises in tailored blends designed for a purpose and are named as such. For example their ‘Mr White’ blend is for milk beverages and ‘Mr Black’ is for black espresso beverages. For coffee aficionados who want to try something different, this place is a must.


San Francisco

California is more commonly associated with the grape-rich countryside of the Napa and Sonoma valleys, but to those in the know the West coast also has some great places to drink coffee. Located in the SFMOMA, the popular Bluebottlecoffee ( is available in the museum’s café. The rooftop garden at the SFMOMA opened in May last year, and the baristas use a beautiful coffee machine to make the tasty coffee – which is considered to be a work of art in itself. They serve a rotating menu of blends and single origin coffees by the cup and the desserts are pretty good as well.



Home of the perennially popular Starbucks, there’s a reason why the successful coffee chain began here. Full of captivating coffee houses, this city is full of roasters who know a thing or two about brewing the perfect cup. Caffé Vita ( opened in 1995 and its most popular drink is the latte. It’s also known for having one of the finest espresso blends in the city, which has been developed over the past 15 years. Stumptown Coffee ( is also another place to get a great cup. Although it’s available in other places in the US, it is considered to be one of the best places to get a range of different beans.


New York

Despite misconceptions, you won’t find many coffee shops like Central Perk here – not any good ones, anyway. Forget Starbucks, and resist the temptation of Jamba Juice, and join the trendy set for a latte at the achingly cool Ace Hotel ( near Broadway. They serve one of our favourites, Stumptown – just don’t spill it on your iPad. Otherwise, Joe the art of coffee ( – conveniently located inside Grand Central Station – is perfect for when you’re on the go in the morning.



As with most big cities, you are never far away from a Starbucks – but what most people don’t realise is that you’re also probably close to some much better coffee shops. In fact, there are so many that it would be too difficult to name the best – although, Monmouth Coffee Company is hard to beat. If you are in a rush head to Milk Bar (3 Bateman Street), Kaffeine (66 Great Titchfield Street; or Prufrock, a coffee bar within menswear store Present (140 Shoreditch High Street;, but make time to eat while you’re at Caravan (11-13 Exmouth Market; – the food is delicious.



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