The sparkles of excellence by Le Colture

Cesare Ruggeri

Christmas Holidays, one of the best times of the year, are coming, and the DOCG Dry Cartizze by Le Colture is ready to show off all of its sparkling excellence, and to face the great turnover of greetings and toasts.

This year, while gathering for the traditional season’s greetings, the Ruggeris will take an extra toast to celebrate the great successes to which this extraordinary wine brought throughout the year, a wine which got itself talked about both in Italy and abroad, and can be well considered as the best purebred horse of the farm of Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene.

In the last months, actually, this wine has been awarded many mentions of quality from prestigious American papers: 90 points from Wine Enthusiast, which put the wine to the first place in its category; an honorable mention from The Wall Street Journal, which recites “This wine is well balanced, showing lots of lively fruit coupled to a long, minerally finish”; a note by the American journalist Jordan McKay, which in one of his articles mentioned Cartizze as an emblem of its territory.

Of course, mentions of quality to the wine were made in Italy as well, like the one received at the Gran Premio del Prosecco Docg, after which this wine will be an enological testimonial of the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG for one year; bronze medal and “best Cartizze” at the International Enological Competition (Concorso Enologico Internazionale), linked to the Forum Spumanti d’Italia; 88 points on Luca Maroni’s guide; four ‘grapes bunches’ on Ais DuemilaVini guide.

The harvest of 2010 brought surprising results for Cartizze. The quantity per hectare did not exceeded 100 quintals, while disciplinary measures allow a maximum of 120 quintals. All this, thanks to a unique terroir and the great managment of Cesare Ruggeri, who leaves nothing to chance and always keeps a close eye on everything.

The Cartizze vineyard is one of the longest owned by the family of Cesare and Renato Ruggeri, actually since their father, Gerardo. The vines are of different ages, and a good percentage of them are more than 30-35 years: these are the best vines, which guarantee healty, whole, fully-matured grapes of excellent quality.

“It is really surprising – says Cesare Ruggeri – and I still marvel at how that tiny patch of land, with little earth and even less water, extremely hard to cultivate can give such a wonderful, full, fruity wine, brilliant pale yellow and of elegant perlage. Our Cartizze is consistent in taste, of good tartness, but also of pleasant smoothness, and gives off an extraordinary bouquet of aromas, from mimosa to yellow plum and herbs”.

“A creamy wine with a long finish” according to Ais DuemilaVini Guide, and “smooth and silky” for Vini d’Italia 2001 of Gambero Rosso.

With reference to the year 2009, sales have increased of 2-3%, a little percentage, but of actually great importance if one thinks of the quantity of wine which is produced. Cartizze, in fact, has a niche market compared to other products, and Le Colture produces 25.000 bottles per year of it.

In relation to 2010, data show an increase in sales both in Italy, especially in the North-West and Lombardy, and abroad, in the U.S.A., Russia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain.

Abroad, the main export markets for the Cartizze are the U.S.A., followed by Eastern Europe as Russia, Lithuania, Estonia.

“In the past years – says Cesare Ruggeri – Cartizze has been gradually abandoning its seasonal character: no longer is this wine only good for celebrations, but it is now normally served with desserts, or some cheese dishes, or fish, grilled vegetables, fine vegetable soups. Moreover, Cartizze is extremely pleasant as an aperitif. The most important thing, however, is that our consumers are getting used to drinking Cartizze all year long. And we do have proof of it.”

Real sparkles of excellence, then, worthy of being present in some of the most prestigious places in the world, like Cafè Florian in Venice, Armani or Moma Restaurant in New York.

by Cinzia Luxardo


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