A writing spoon / Collection Faces by Ferran Adrià

This spoon helps you to scribble, and accentuates the texture of the espresso, cappuccino or chocolate, which is used instead of ink.

The emphasis is on how the object is resolved. Because it is never anything other than a spoon, but it has that incision on the tip, just at the end. It is a spoon up to the last centimetres, when it becomes a pen.

This small incision gives it the status of a visual poem, because it changes the meaning of the object without changing the essence of its shape. It is an intervention in the design where the designer Julia Mariscal has played with irony.

Although it can be used to write, narrate, draw, smudge … it also works as a story, but nevertheless is still a spoon. Leave it in the drawer with the rest of the spoons, let it be a spoon until you want it to be something else.

The fact that the Writing Spoon may belong to the Collection Faces Ferran Adrià, situates it in the perfect context. It is a part of game and experimentation, food and everyday life.




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