Slovenian restaurants guide by Uroš Mencinger

Since there is no Michelin guide yet for Slovenia, if you are searching for best Slovenian restaurants, Uroš Mencinger’s guide through Slovenian restaurants can be the right help for choosing where to eat.

“Izbor NeDelovih gostiln 2011” was published in Slovenian language a few weeks ago and contains a selection of the 83 best Slovenian restaurants and some restaurants over the (not more existing) Slovenian borders.

The sun is the sign of quality in Mencinger’s guide. Five suns is perfection, more then five (4 Slovenian restaurants: Zemono (Tomaž Kavčič), JB (Janez Bratovž), Hiša Franko (Ana Roš) and Promenada (Andrej Kuhar) have received more then five suns) is outstanding. In this guide, which is selection of the best restaurants, are published only restaurants which have got at least three suns.

Slovenia is not beautiful only for its nature which varies a lot in each part of this small country, but also for its local food which, like nature, is so very different in every corner of this small landscape. Uroš Mencinger’s guide can be an excellent help to discover this variety and to help you discover this country not only with your eyes and heart but also with your palate. Take the book into your hands and start the new adventure.

The guide of 146 pages costs 11,90 eur.

More (in Slovenian):


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