10 Covers for your iPad

The iPad may alter the way we browse the web and consumer media – but how we protect our coveted tablets will make a huge impact on the life and longevity of the experience. These sleek cases may even catch the attention of a few admirers.

Presented below are some of the most inventive protection vehicles we could find to keep your new iPad safe, sound and stylish.


leather apple ipad case

These premium, hand-stitched leather iPad cases from Padova come with multiple skin options to choose from. Starting at $209, you can select a bark-tanned Italian leather fitting, or one from the company’s limited edition”exotic skins” series including ostrich and crocodile.

Padova iPad Cases via Orbino


Flip Jacket for Apple iPadThe M-Edge iPad Flip Jacket evokes the design of the popular Moleskin notebook, constructed from durable canvas and a tan leather strip with an elastic strap that holds the jacket tightly closed for easy portability and reduction of conspicuousness.


TAPE Cases by Ryan Frank


These natural iPad cases by South African designer Ryan Frank are constructed of durable cork. Frank has collaborated with UK record labelTAPE on this case, as well as holders for the iPod, iPhone, Kindle, Mac laptop and vinyl records.

Cork iPad Case via TAPE



Vaja Cases provide a wide variety of leather options and custom choices to complement your sleek new piece of aluminum.

Vaja Cases



Booq’s patented boa skin lining provides great protection for the iPad inside another bag, backpack or purse. The iPad sleeve’s soft neoprene protects and stretches to fit the device and other items, while its rigid flat base provides impact protection to the display side. Made from durable Twylon and high-quality neoprene.



BOOK for iPad, combination sleeve and case for iPad

BOOK is a handmade hard cover book jacket on the outside, with a sleeve tailored for the iPad on the inside. The protective exterior is made of linen book cloth, while the interior provides a 100% wool felt sleeve for snug fitting.

BOOK for iPad


iPad Case Amberjack Handmade Vintage Fabric iSockit

The iSockit iPad case is handmade with vintage Pendleton wool plaid fabric, old military patchwork and thrifty buttons. From Virginia-based designer Blythe King, the case is 100 constructed entirely of recycled and vintage materials, featuring an eccentric sling-flap closure and front pocket with secure button closure.

Handmade iSockit Amberjack Case via Etsy

Vers Audio


For those looking for a more natural, non-tech finish, Vers Audio provides a handcrafted solution for iPad protection. The Vers iPad case is available in renewable bamboo and other solid hardwoods with a hidden steel reinforcing frame. A pegged optional wood prop allows for easy stand up positioning and the design allows for the 30-pin connector and volume control to remain accessible.

Vers Audio

ModulR iPad Case


The ModulR iPad Case features an adjustable mounting system, allowing the iPad to be safely placed on a kitchen surface with a wallmount, vertically oriented with a kickstand, carried with a shoulder strap or mounted onto the seat inside a car for mobile access on the road.

ModulR Cases

Lady Gaga Case

Lady Gaga cover


And of course, making an appearance at number ten: Lady Gaga as a high grade gloss finish vinyl decal. Available on Esty from IvyBee.


Source: http://www.psfk.com/


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