Miha Batič, Batič winery, Vipava Valley, Slovenia

“A complete path from must to wine is written in a grape. A great oenologist understands that wine is a masterpiece of Nature, not man. The most precious and purest wine is born from only one idea. The idea of Nature.” says Miha Batič.

Miha Batič with his father Ivan Batič. Photo: Archive Batič

What has brought you into the world of wines?

My blood is similar to the one of the previous generations of the Batič family. In the blood we have elements, which are in the nature present only in Pinela, Vitovska, Zelen and some other varieties of autochtone wines from Vipava region.

How would you describe your company?

Our style and vision, as much in vineyard as in the wine cellar,  is following the work of our grandfathers. We don’t take anything and we don’t add anything. We are only assistants of Nature.

What’s your wine philosophy?

Life is born from life. The story of wines, signed by Batič family, shouldn’t finish with the sip, but should start there. We want your soul to fly.

Between your wines, which one do you prefer?

The Mediteranean-Alpic climate in the Vipava valley allows because of its great airiness thrift of the largest number of varieties of autochtone wines in Slovenia. Most of all the white ones. I don’t believe that some varieties are better then others. But I believe that in Vipava we can expect the most from the autochtone varieties.

In this moment I prefer Zaria 07. It represents harmony between seven mostly autochtone varieties which were macerated for 35 days only with its own fungus. Zaria has, for more perfect harmony, matured only in Slovenian barrels. Bottled at the right moon, without flux, without filtering, without sulfur. You can drink Zaria any day, but if you’ll enjoy it in the period of the rising moon in the  astrological fire sign will this wine gain a new dimension.

Bonisimus wine by Batič winery. Photo: Archive Batič.

Are your wines the way you want them?

We cultivate the Batič wines mostly for our soul. Nature offers each time a bit different fruits. Because we are creating special organic wines, we bottle them only when they reach our standards. Sometimes when harvest is not the best, we are waiting for the new vintage for a few years. Every wine that leaves the Batič wine cellar carries with it a piece of our heart and a big compliment of Nature.

Which wine of some other winemaker would you want to be yours?

The wine which starts and ends with a smile.

Do you have any realizable or realized dreams?

At good harvests we dream with eyes wide open.

Do you have also any unrealizable dream?

Of course!

You may say that I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one

(J. Lennon)

If you wouldn’t be involved in wines, what would you do?

I’m very fond of the works by great artists – painters, sculptors, musicians. Wine becomes in their company even greater. Maybe I would try in one of those directions.

Where are available your wines?

In all those years we were lucky to meet friends who connected our wines with Japan, USA, China, Korea, Russia etc …. but most of all – you can find them in company of wonderful people.


Miha Batič. Photo: Archive Batič.


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