Rebranding the Traditional Tea Bag

It is one-ff portable teasticks that gives more convenient experience to users. Tea bags are attached inside the teastick so there is no need of using sticks separately for stirring nor to throw away the tea bags. The form of the design was inspired by Japanese CHASEN (Loose leaf tea stirring equipment). It brings a feel of traditional procedure of making tea and it preserve the essense and value of the history. As a disposable one-off product, the choice of the material is water resistible paper which is strong enough to stand for a while after being wet. Different coloured stripes are put on the teasticks to make it easy to distinguish the flavours.  At the bottom, where teabags are trapped it is designed to be very flexible to be bent. Also, enough holes and room are made for teabags to move around as you stir it. It helps to make faster and more effective infusion. Website


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