Double fantasy menu

Wagyu beef

beer, tomatoes and buratta toast

Jeffrey J. Vella


Carpaccio of the pig ear with sunflower oil,

young carrot and red onion

Janez Bratovž


Foie gras

Ravioli, pressed apples and Tonka

Jeffrey J. Vella


Home made ravioli filled with duck confit

Janez Bratovž


Cod, langoustines, cuttlefish and mussels, potatoes

Freshly salted, gnocchi, bisque, roulade, leaves

Jeffrey J. Vella


Deer in coriander sauce , tarragon strukelj, kale

Janez Bratovž


Figs, cashew nuts and saffron

Block, milk, ice cream

Jeffrey J. Vella


Almond sticks with caramel cream

Janez Bratovž


Enjoy this menu at our dinner, on January 22nd at JB, Miklošičeva 17. Ljubljana.


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