“From Slovenia With Love” in Milano

Slovenian chefs and wine makers put a lot of passion in all that they do and are very appreciated also by their colleagues, publicists and foodies abroad. To continue in  the same way, to maintain and even strengthen the relations which were developed – friendships and collaborations, to develop also new relations and to show what have they created recently, a group composed of some of the best Slovenian chefs and wine makers will organize, in collaboration with the Carpe Diem Club and partners in Italy (Il Gusto / Gribaudo (grazie, Carlo Vischi), Westin Palace, Grandecucina and Cucina Gourmet) a dinner party in Milano, on 30th January in the Westin Palace.

From Slovenia with love expresses all the love and care that each of the chefs and wine makers put in their work and also love which we feel for our friends, colleagues etc. who are / will be invited to the event in Milano.

Who is participating?


CHEFS (in the alphabetical order):

Janez Bratovž (Restavracija JB)

Jure Tomič (Ošterija Debeluh)

Tanja and Damir Pintarič (Rajh)

Tomaž Polenec (Brioni)

Uroš Fakuč (Restavracija Dam)

and as guest from Croatia: Jeffrey J. Vella (Zinfandl’s)


WINEMAKERS (alphabetically):

Aleks and Martina Simčič (Edi Simčič)

Aleš and Vesna Kristančič (Movia)

Branko and Vasja Čotar (Čotar)

Lidija Kupljen (Vino Kupljen)

Stojan Ščurek (Ščurek)


*On the invitation was listed also Tomaž Kavčič who will not join us in Milano because of some other urgent commitments.

Photos of the event: https://carpediemclub.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/from-slovenia-with-love-in-milano/


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